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Our Philosophy

His emphasis on creating a natural outcome is exactly what I was looking for…I have never felt more comfortable in a physician’s office; his entire staff is incredibly friendly, patient, and informative.Plastic Surgery Patient of Dr. Lowenstein

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery?

Rather than having their plastic surgery done in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills, more and more patients are choosing outstanding surgical expertise, accented by a relaxing recovery in paradise. Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara is exactly that: an exceptional plastic surgery experience unmatched in the Los Angeles area, discreetly positioned on the beautiful Santa Barbara coast, with the convenience of being only an hour or two from home. Dr. Lowenstein has chosen Santa Barbara as the home for Montecito Plastic Surgery because it offers the best of all worlds – legendary California beauty in a peaceful atmosphere, highlighted by unsurpassed luxury for our patients and their families to enjoy. Dr. Lowenstein has a national reputation for outstanding plastic surgery education and patient care. Despite being courted by some of the most highly regarded plastic surgery institutions in the country, Dr. Lowenstein’s choice of Santa Barbara has afforded him the ability to create an aesthetic surgical experience like no other.

I felt the highly touted plastic surgery experience of Beverly Hills and Manhattan was not as personalized as what I wanted to offer. My practice has always emphasized the importance of the individual patient’s experience. Here in Santa Barbara, I can provide a fantastic pre- and post-operative experience with personalized service in an outstanding resort atmosphere. I enjoy my reputation for one-on-one education of the patient and their family, as well as the results from my work. My goal is for my patients to be delighted with their surgeries.Dr. Lowenstein

Our Difference from Beverly Hills, New York & Miami

Dr. Lowenstein’s goal is to achieve a natural, non-operated look, which he sees as a contrast to plastic surgery “cultures” of the flashy environments of Manhattan or Beverly Hills.

My aesthetic training was at Lenox Hill Hospital on Park Avenue in New York, where patients are more likely to show off their plastic surgery. While I’m always sensitive to the patient’s wishes, my preferred style is a beautiful, elegant look. I enjoy the operative nuances that allow me to create a youthful enhancement while maintaining a natural appearance. That’s my emphasis here in Santa Barbara and that is why patients seek me out.Dr. Lowenstein

Quality Oriented

Montecito Plastic Surgery is a lovely contrast to the quantity-oriented facilities found in so many metropolitan areas, which encourage their employed physicians to do as many cases as possible, often at budget prices. Dr. Lowenstein enjoys the consultations with his patients, often spending an hour or more ensuring that you have a complete understanding of the options available, and that he has full knowledge of your goals. Dr. Lowenstein treats each patient considerately, with individual evaluation and planning based on your own unique, individual needs.

No two patients are alike. I could never do exactly the same operation on two different patients with different body types, different expectations, and different wishes. And in the operating room, the extra time that I spend performing this or that little trick to make things that much closer to perfect – that’s the best part of each operation for me.Dr. Lowenstein

Thorough Consultation & Personable Support

After your consultation, Dr. Lowenstein encourages you to think carefully about everything that has been discussed and to ask as many questions as possible. A second consultation is provided to anyone who wishes to go over things again, or perhaps bring a friend or family member who may have additional questions. We provide helpful materials on our website, but there is no substitution for the one-on-one interaction with Dr. Lowenstein.

A word or two about patient safety

Recent events in Beverly Hills have brought much attention to safety issues in plastic surgery. Your safety and well-being are always our first priority. Dr. Lowenstein strongly encourages patients to seek out properly trained, properly certified surgeons who are diplomats of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery, thus ensuring a background of unequalled education and outstanding ethical standards.

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