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Patient Testimonials

When I hit the 50 mark, daily I began to think about the fact that I wanted a facelift. I checked with friends and found that many women I knew had procedures and recommended various Doctors. I had never undergone surgery before for any reason so it was a huge decision for me. I interviewed several of the best in town and chose Dr. Lowenstein. He was very through and excellent in his work. I could have not been in better hands. Now several years later I reflect daily on what a great decision it was and I am so glad that I found the courage to do it when I did!L.

My name is Ashley. I’m from Alaska. I have always wanted a breast augmentation! Last year I was in a position where I could make it happen. In Alaska we have great doctors. I just wanted to make sure I went with the best suregon I could find. My husbands family lives in Santa Barbara, California and we visit every year. I decided to research and consult with a bunch of doctors in that area, including LA and Beverly Hills.
I came across Dr. Adam Lowenstein online and I loved the reviews and pictures on the website so I set up a consultation. Not only did I feel informed in his office but I felt he truly cared about people and their needs. Dr. Lowenstein is very down to earth! That is hard to find in many surgeons and it was important to me. I decided that this would be the best place for me to have the breast augmentation. In my consultation we also decided to go with a breast lift to get the best result.
Being so far away, we had to get everything done over the phone. His staff was amazing! Ruthie, the office manager helped me so much! I could call her with any questions I had in the days leading up to the procedure. She was so helpful and kind. Susanne, the nurse specialist was amazing ! She helped me get all my appointments in Alaska set up (blood work and mammogram) to make sure I was healthy and ready for surgery. I could not believe the help I recieved from these beautiful people being so far away!! The day of surgery went very well. They made me feel so comfortable before, during, and after the surgery. They called daily to check on me and I went in a few times to make sure I was healing properly. I stayed in Santa Barbara for two weeks before I went home. I had a place to stay but they also help make arrangements for people needing a place to heal. It has been almost a year and I love my breast implants! I can still call them with any questions I have, if needed. If your nervous about doing surgery out of state, call his office! You will not be disappointed! I will never go anywhere else for my plastic surgery needs ! Thank you Dr. Lowenstein and staff! And thank you for truly loving what you do!A.

My results are amazing! I was up and walking around after the second day! Dr. Lowenstein and his staff are incredible! From Saira the receptionist being so kind every visit and Ruth the coordinator was so helpful! Susanne the nurse made me feel so comfortable and safe, which eased my nerves tremendously! I would definitely recommend anyone to Dr. Lowenstein, and am willing to speak to anyone that is thinking about beautifying their selves. It has definitely made me more confident in wearing all the cute clothes that I longed to wear! I get compliments nearly everyday! Its so amazing!!S.

Start to finish my experience with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff was top-notch. A friend of mine had a daughter who was bitten by a dog and Dr. Lowenstein was the doctor on call when if happened. As a direct result of his treating her daughter, she chose him as her doctor when she chose to have plastic surgery…what better recommendation could you ask for? I was impressed with Dr. Lowenstein’s relaxed demeanor, his work credentials, and everyone in his office I never even set up other consultations. Once I made up my mind to have my procedure (a tummy tuck) I felt completely at ease and had no reservations. The day of my surgery was a long one and for every moment of it I felt so well cared for. There was always someone by my side which was very comforting. A few days after my surgery Lorie the anesthesiologist even called to check up on me. I chose to include the Embrace treatment as a part of my procedure and am doubly thrilled with the results. A lot of people might think “oh Santa Barbara, super expensive”. Not true. The big bonus to my whole experience is the bonding and true friendship I have made with Susanne, Saira, and Ruthie. Dr. Lowenstein is a great doctor with a great staff and I would and will recommend him without hesitation.L.

I had my original BA in 1996 and had saline under the muscle. I originally loved them until about the 3 month mark when they started “bottoming out”. My original PS told me to just roll us some gauze and put it in my bra under my breasts ?!? I’m not a Dr. but even I didn’t see how that was going to fix the problem. We’ll after living with them for 18 years I finally decided enough was enough and had made up my mind to have them corrected and replaced with cohesive gel implants.
I found Dr. Lowenstein and from the moment I talked to his staff on the phone I was made to feel like I was the only and most important patient they had. They assured me he would take good care of me and answered all my questions. I booked my consultation and after meeting Dr. Lowenstein myself I knew he was the Dr. for me. I scheduled my surgery for July 15th but because of unforseen medical issues with myself it was rescheduled for Aug. 5.
The Dr. explained all my options including the use of strattice to help reduce the risk of “bottoming out” again.
Let me just say my surgery was not going to be an easy one due to the numerous health issues I have. However Dr. Lowenstein was confident he could successfully complete my surgery and I had complete faith in him and his staff.
My surgery turned out better than I could have ever imagined. Now my breasts are where they are supposed to be and they are incredibly soft and very natural looking.
If you are looking for not only an incredible surgeon but someone who really takes pride in his work and truly cares about his patients you need to see Dr. Lowenstein. You won’t be disappointed. His staff will always greet you by name and treat you like a part of the family. I can’t say enough about him or his staff. They far exceeded all my expectations.C.

I wanted to get a face lift and I was not impressed by the doctors in my area. I thought that the closest area to my home where I would find an excellent surgeon would be Santa Barbara. I proceeded to research (on-line) all of the cosmetic surgeons I could find. I had no personal recommendations from anyone and truly trusted the reviews I read. I was impressed by Dr. Lowensteins reviews and proceeded to call his office. I spoke with his staff about the legistics and the cost of surgery. Because I was “an out of towner” they were willing to give me an idea of the pricing over the phone. This was very helpful. I wanted to make sure his pricing was in my budget.
We made an appointment and I met Dr. Lowenstein. I really liked the fact he told me exactly what was going to happen. He is a conservative surgeon which was just what I was looking for. I didn’t want people to think “Oh, she had a face lift”. As he said, I wouldn’t look 40, but I would look refreshed. I am 60 and didn’t expect to look 40. Although recently, I was with my younger sister (by 7 years) and someone thought I was the younger one…..nice.
I did have a full face lift, modified brow lift, upper and lower eyes and a neck lift. I was most concerned about my eyes. The scars would be difficult to conceal if not just right. Dr. Lowenstein exceded my expectations. I couldn’t be happier. My eyes look brighter and more symetrical than they were orginally. The way he sculpted my face was amazing. My neck looks fantastic too.
Everyone in his office is concerned about your care and your outcome. All of his pre-op and post-op requirements were spot on. I followed them to a “T” and my recovery was perfect. I am now at five months after surgery and looking amazing. Thank you Dr. Lowenstein!!!C.

Dr. Adam Lowenstein is beyond amazing. Before going in I researched many surgeons in the area. Dr. Lowenstein had amazing reviews so I made a consultation appointment with him first. My plan was to go to go to that consultation and others then make a final decision. Literally, during my consultation I saw how welcoming and warm everyone is that I was sold. Dr. Lowenstein asked me first why I wanted to get bigger breast size then he made sure I was aware of what my options were and what will best work for me. Because of him, I made an educated decision. I made my surgery appointment that exact day. I couldn’t have been any happier with the results. Yes, after the surgery I was in pain but after looking in the mirror I was so happy. The staff always made sue my concerns and questions were taken care of. My breasts look beyond natural and I am 5 months out. it is amazing how ones confidence can grow also knowing that the team behind it all is spectacular makes it al worth it. Thank you Dr. Lowenstein for doing a beautiful and magnificent job.R.

I could not have selected a better doctor than Dr. Lowenstein! Prior to meeting Dr. Lowenstein and his staff, I had one other consultation which went well but I did not feel 100% confident that the other doctor understood the results I was looking for. Meeting Dr. L and his staff feels similar to meeting the love of your life–you JUST KNOW he’s the right one! His staff is professional and they make you feel like you are their only patient. They always answered my questions immediately, patiently, and always made sure that no detail was left out. Great communication via phone, email, and in person. Dr. L and his staff do not take shortcuts and I honestly cannot think of a single thing that needs improvement.S.

Hands down the best medical care I have ever received!! The entire staff was very organized, welcoming and professional. Dr. Lowenstein has a great bed side manner and was very easy to talk to. During all of my pre and post op visits, I never even had to wait in the waiting room, I was greated at the door and walked right back to see Dr. Lowenstein I could not be happier with my results and it was a very pleasant experience from beginning to end.A.

Dr. Lowenstein and his staff are warm and welcoming. I recently went in for breast augmentation and was very pleased with the results. I had consultations with other plastic surgeons but ultimately felt most secure in Dr Lowenstein and staffs’ care. I wanted to be a part of the decisions, but I wanted a doctor who had opinions as well.
All my input was clearly accounted for, but at the same time I could rely on a doctor who would use his best judgement. I felt that this was a team of players on my side wanting the best results possible. When it came to the actual surgery, Dr. Lowenstein took great care to make sure I and he would be happy with the outcome. I am extremely pleased. I would recommend Dr. Lowenstein to anyone wanting plastic surgery.R.

Making a decision to have breast augmentation was not one I took lightly. After months of consultations with Plastic Surgeons up and down the Valley, including Bakersfield, Visalia and Fresno, I was referred to Dr. Adam Lowenstein at Montecito Plastic Surgery. From the moment I called his office to schedule my consultation; I received a feeling like no other thus far.
Showing up to the consultation was amazing. Just a short drive and beautiful weather, I was taken right back to a room and waited only minutes to meet Susanne, and Dr. Lowenstein. Dr. Lowenstein sat with my husband and I and answered all of our questions thoroughly, never once discounting anything we were curious about but explaining exactly what we needed to know to make our decision. He spent as much time as we needed and never ever made us feel rushed. After just one meeting with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff, there was no doubt in our minds he was who we would select to perform my surgery.Many of my friends have had surgeries performed in the Valley and have not received anywhere near the service I did with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff.
The evening before the surgery, the nurse anesthetist called me and explained exactly what would happen when I arrived for surgery; she answered all of my questions and put my mind at ease. My husband and I decided to drive up to Santa Barbara the evening prior to enjoy a little overnight getaway before surgery, which was so much fun: beautiful weather and amazing food!When arriving for surgery which was at the same location I had visited prior, I felt at ease due to the familiarity of the location and staff… they were truly all by my side from day one.
Follow-up appointments have been nothing but enjoyable and not only has my husband joined me for overnight getaways but also girlfriends! It makes such a great day trip.I am confident in the decision I made in selecting Dr. Lowenstein and would definitely recommend him to anyone considering plastic surgery.T.

After having three babies and three c-sections in three years, I worked hard with diet and exercise to get my body back into shape. I got down to my ideal weight, but still was unhappy with my “muffin-top”. I decided to see Dr. Lowenstein to get more information on CoolSculpting. Dr. Lowenstein described the procedure to me thoroughly and let me know what to expect during each stage. I had the procedure done a few months ago and I am thrilled with the results. Dr. Lowenstein and his staff helped make the whole procedure pleasant and as comfortable as possible. It was a great experience from beginning to end!B.

I chose Dr Lowenstein based on his philosophy of a natural non-operative look. Results of his work are outstanding. With my surgery and results, I had an excellent experience. I am so pleased that I chose Dr. Adam Lowenstein as my surgeon because not only are my results exquisite but the entire experience from day one was phenomenal.
Each member at his practice; from the front desk receptionists, to the RN nurse, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Lowenstein made me feel like I was their number one priority. My expectations were to fulfill the upmost natural appearance and my results are so much more than what I ever could have imagined. Thank you so much Dr. Lowenstein for giving me my missing piece of confidence, I feel truly blessed.K.

Was in Ventura and Santa Barbara with my mother over the weekend and she looks fantastic. She looks like herself but 15 years younger. She said it is the best thing she has done in ages and we have you and your staff to thank for her new boost of happiness and self-confidence.A.

This year I am INCREDIBLY grateful for my new, beautiful breasts!!! Yay Dr. L!!!!!! THANK YOU and THANK YOUR STAFF!!!! Love you all!!M.

Dear Dr. Lowenstein, Thank you so much for your great expertise. Many have commented on your excellent work. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!D.

Dr. Lowenstein and his staff are amazing. I had a breast augmentation done, and they made my experience pleasurable and memorable. From the day I stepped foot into his office, I felt comfortable and knew this is where I wanted to have my surgery done. Danielle was warm and welcoming, and Susanne was calm and comforting.
Dr. Lowenstein is real and honest, which was one of the reasons I chose him to be my surgeon. I felt he had my best interest at hand, and my health was important to him. Now that my surgery is done, I’m so in love with my breasts. I wanted them to be noticeably bigger, yet still look natural to people who didn’t know me.
That’s exactly what Dr. Lowenstein did for me. He created what I always dreamed of having and made my chest more proportioned to the rest of my body. For people who want plastic surgery, but they’re scared or unsure, I recommend they visit Dr. Lowenstein. He will not only educate you on the procedure you want, but he will ease your worries and fears. My confidence has definitely increase since my procedure.T.

Dear Dr. Lowenstein, Thank you for all of your wonderful work. I still keep peeking at myself to make sure it’s really me!

What a great experience! I had a non invasive procedure called CoolSculpting done at Montecito Plastic Surgery and was impressed the very moment I walked through the door.
The friendly office staff, great nurse and attention to detail Dr. Lowenstein offers is second to none. I was in and out in my promised time frame and had no surprises along the way. If considering any type of work that requires a plastic surgeon I highly recommend Dr. Lowenstein and his staff.Patient of Dr. Lowenstein

I am so thankful for everything Dr. Lowenstein has done for me. Through excitement, indecision, and nervousness, I now realize how lucky I was to have chosen him for this major decision and only wish I had done it sooner! Going in, I worried about not looking natural, and appearing to have had work done, but he did the most amazing job and now I realize I look exactly the way I was meant to look if I hadn’t had my beautiful children.
I was worried about scarring, but am so impressed by how clean and smooth the incision was and how perfectly it is located. My recovery was quick, and I’m more motivated than ever to live healthier and feel good about myself. I have never felt so comfortable and natural in my body. I can now wear clothes I never could, I feel good when I look in the mirror, and my husband can’t hide how much he loves the way I look. The staff was amazing at easing every concern, and such a big part of why this process was such a great success.
In addition to being patient and supportive, they showed compassion from start to finish, and made me feel both heard and informed. I feel zero regret about making this decision; Dr. Lowenstein’s professionalism was matched only by his ability to deliver the very best results and to make me feel happy with the way I look (which I do!!). I am so thankful to Dr. Lowenstein and his staff for their caring approach and phenomenal skill; I am so happy and grateful to have chosen Montecito Plastic Surgery.Patient of Dr. Lowenstein

The CoolSculpting procedures were well worth the results and exceeded all expectations. There was no pain involved, only some cold sensation, and no downtime, which was very important to me. I was able to run and workout the next day! Over an 8 week period, the results were noticeable and I saw changes which I could not achieve at the gym. Also, numerous friends had commented that I had lost weight, which was really the CoolSculpting results.Patient of Dr. Lowenstein

Thank you very much for your wonderful care of my daughter. This has been very important to her and will help her to feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside. I’m very grateful she was able to see one of the best surgeons there is.Patient of Dr. Lowenstein

From the moment you walk in the door, the friendly staff is inviting, warm and very knowledgeable. After meeting with Dr. Lowenstein, I felt comfortable, informed and very open to his practices. His superior experience combined with his kind, confident way was exactly what I was looking for with regards to my procedure.
The surgery went smoothly and the level of professionalism and attention to detail proved excellent results. What I appreciated most was the up front honesty and openness style of Dr. Lowenstein, combined with his genuine concern and care. I was so pleased with the entire experience from initial consultation to the fabulous results!C.

Dr. Lowenstein and his staff were absolutely wonderful. They made me feel safe and comfortable leading up to, during and after my surgery. My breast augmentation came out perfect. I am thrilled with the surgery!Patient of Dr. Lowenstein

After interviewing plastic surgeons in the Midwest, Northern and Southern California, Dr. Adam Lowenstein was my first choice. With my surgery a month behind me, I’m confident he is the plastic surgeon that my family, friends and I will use in the future. He is very technical/cutting edge, but has super strong communication skills so he explains considerations & procedures clearly/ concisely. His surgical approach is conservative.
I achieved my aesthetic goals with only one procedure, a brow lift. All other plastic surgeons recommended a package of overly-aggressive procedures. My surgical results are spectacular. My eyes are beautiful now with brows that are perfectly positioned, symmetrical and COMPLETELY natural-looking. I had almost no bruising and very little pain.
He documents his recommendations, doesn’t push accessory-procedures to increase fees, and provides his complete resume. His staff is responsive, kind and knowledgeable. My family and I found the office experience to be wonderful. I rarely make referrals, but in this case, it’s a privilege.A.

Dear Dr. Lowenstein, We do not remember days, we remember moments. Just another recognition of your awesome work. Thank you for helping me so much. It’s been more than fun!J.

I would like to thank you for the care given to D.S., the World Care patient brought from Honduras. The generous giving of your time and talent has allowed D.S. to return home with a smile! It is because of people like you that we are able to help so many deserving children. Once again, thank you for all you have done.L.

I would like to thank you for the care given to D.S., the World Care patient brought from Honduras. The generous giving of your time and talent has allowed D.S. to return home with a smile! It is because of people like you that we are able to help so many deserving children. Once again, thank you for all you have done.L., Chapter Administrator, Operation Smile

I would highly recommend Dr. Lowenstein and the staff at The Montecito Center to the one’s I love most… my mother, my best friend, etc. I am absolutely thrilled with the result of my breast augmentation. Dr. Lowenstein is not only a skillful and artistic surgeon; he made me feel like his most important patient.
He and his staff spent almost 2 hours with my fiancé and me during my 1st consultation, which helped both of us feel at ease about the difficult decision to move forward with elective surgery. His emphasis on creating a natural outcome is exactly what I was looking for. And I have never felt more comfortable in a physician’s office; his entire office staff is incredibly friendly, patient, and informative.N.

Dr. Lowenstein is by far the most professional and qualified plastic surgeon, and we are so lucky to have him in our town. His knowledge of what works, and his expertise in performing the operation, plus his followup and personal service is beyond the “normal practice”. If you have been thinking about a procedure, Dr. Lowenstein will listen and will perform surpassing your expectations! Please feel free to call me with any questions. Dr. Lowenstein’s staff has my contact numbers.J.

Thank you so very much for the lovely result. [My husband] and I really think it looks great. [My husband] was once a butt man, but no longer thanks to you.M.

Thank you soooo much for doing such an awesome job. Thanks for everything! You’re the best!B.

I feel quite fortunate to be a patient of Dr. Lowenstein. He is a tremendous doctor, a talented plastic surgeon, and a skilled communicator. I was referred to Dr. Lowenstein for a total breast reconstruction following a diagnosis of breast cancer (DCIS). He did such an amazing job – I couldn’t be more satisfied.
Dr. Lowenstein was very informative regarding all the surgical and implant options. I never felt rushed to make decisions. I left each visit feeling confident, and even motivated, about any upcoming procedure. Dr. Lowenstein’s staff is also the best – what a group of welcoming and competent professionals. I am currently in the final stages of my breast reconstruction, and, although I am relieved to have this part of my life behind me, I will always feel fortunate to have been in the care of several great doctors, including Dr. Lowenstein.S.

Dr. Lowenstein was really informative, and wanted to make sure that I was comfortable with my decisions. The surgery went great, and I couldn’t be happier!A.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Lowenstein. He recently completed by breast reconstruction following bilateral mastectomy. At the age of 35, I was very concerned about the outcome of such complex procedures. Dr. Lowenstein went out of his way to answer my questions, educate me about my options and helped me make informed decisions.
He was incredibly sensitive, caring and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. His compassion and sense of humor helped me and my husband stay positive and get through a difficult time. I am more than thrilled with my results and credit Dr. Lowenstein with helping me to feel “whole” again.L.

My experience with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff has been better than I could have ever hoped it would be. From the moment I walked through the door, he made sure that I felt very comfortable. Dr. Lowenstein took the time to really listen to what I wanted, answered all of my questions, and explained all of my options to me. I am above and beyond satisfied with the results of my surgery and I would strongly recommend his services to anyone.M.

This was my first time visiting a plastic surgeon. I was a little nervous, but Dr. Lowenstein made me feel very comfortable. I could tell he is highly knowledgable and experienced in his field.S.

Dear Doctor, Enclosed is a very special gift for you. My parents and I appreciate your kind of help. Thank you very much, God bless you always.P., Quito, Ecador

My experience with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff has been better than I could have ever hoped it would be. From the moment I walked through the door, he made sure that I felt very comfortable. Dr. Lowenstein took the time to really listen to what I wanted, answered all of my questions, and explained all of my options to me. I am above and beyond satisfied with the results of my surgery and I would strongly recommend his services to anyone.L.

I want to thank you for the outstanding job you did on my reconstruction. I was not “freaked out” by it like I feared, quite the contrary, I even showed it off to people. You are very much appreciated. Thank you!M.

Initially, I found Dr. Lowenstein by doing a blind review of before-and-after photo galleries of breast augmentations executed by doctors throughout California. Without paying attention to the associated doctor’s name, I found that a majority of my picks all came from the same source – Dr. Adam Lowenstein.
Other doctors repeatedly suggested that I consider a large C or D because of my tall frame, I was even told by one doctor that he habitually chooses implants in surgery which are larger than the patient requests because in his experience, women always want larger breasts than they say they want! I was completely uninterested in being shaped into some doctor’s one-size-fits-all ideal of the perfect woman’s breast size; or in having a doctor who thought he knew better than I did in terms of what I would want in the end.
Fortunately, Dr. Lowenstein was the antithesis of this. From the initial consult throughout the process of prep appointments, scheduling, surgery and follow up, Dr. Lowenstein and his staff were caring, accommodating, skilled, and professional. Dr. Lowenstein always took ample time to listen to me, answer my questions, and be sure I was well-informed. Most importantly, Dr. Lowenstein was able to make the jump from our in-person discussions of the desired outcome, to a real manifestation of that vision. Our communication was effective and going into surgery I knew we had the same goal/ outcome in mind.
I trusted him completely to make necessary on-the-spot decisions regarding size and aesthetics while I was under anesthesia; and the results are flawless. I healed very quickly and thanks to the artful care of Dr. Lowenstein and his staff, have a truly beautiful result to my breast augmentation. The proportions are excellent and the results extremely natural looking and feeling. I could not be more pleased and I recommend Dr. Lowenstein with the highest regards.M.

Dear Dr. Lowenstein, it was so very kind of you to take the time to talk to me. So many doctors are too busy with too much work to notice [the patient] is a person, but you do. Merry Christmas.C.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dr. Lowenstein. I was very concerned about the outcome of such complex procedures. Dr. Lowenstein went out of his way to answer my questions, educate me about my options, and helped me make informed decisions. He was incredibly sensitive, caring, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. I am more than thrilled at my results and credit Dr. Lowenstein with helping me to feel “whole” again.L.

Dear Dr. Lowenstein and staff, I so appreciate all the care that I received through my breast reconstruction. The work you do made a major impact on my life. I feel so grateful! You are the best! Forever grateful.T.

Dear Dr. Adam Lowenstein, Thank you for the wonderful job you did with my daughter. I know I wasn’t the easiest mom to get along with. Thank you for your patience with me. I am very thankful you were the surgeon for my daughter. Thank you! Thank you!C.

I trusted Dr. Lowenstein as my surgeon because of his honesty and genuine concern for my health and reaching my desired goals. After breast feeding my daughter I was extremely self conscious of my appearance and desired a large but natural look which was exactly what I got! It’s been nearly two years since my surgery and I’m just as happy as I was immediately following my procedure.
Most importantly I feel that the quality of patient care has not changed either. My surgery has improved my quality of life and for that I am and will be grateful for Dr. Lowenstein and his wonderful staff. I would only recommend Montecito Plastic Surgery to anyone. I was truly loved and cared for.H.

It is with great pleasure and no small amount of gratitude that I write this letter of recommendation to anyone considering the practice at Montecito Plastic Surgery. The staff is professional, friendly, kind and concerned in all ways, and they unfailingly go the extra mile to provide the highest level of care and reassurance. I have come to think of them as friends.
Dr. Lowenstein is more than skilled; he is a gifted surgeon, who cares deeply for the quality care of his patients. I would not hesitate to undergo any surgical procedure under his care, and I am confident that I would always be as pleased with the outcome as I have been in the past.J.M.

Dear Dr. Lowenstein, I fear that the words I write will not fully convey to you the gratitude that I feel. I mulled over having this surgery for years, weighing the pros and cons, worried that my family and friends might consider me vain. I just wanted my old self back and you gave that to me. Thank you.
You and your staff are so down to earth that I felt instantly comfortable and confident. I sincerely appreciate the time that you spent answering our questions and making sure we understood all aspects of the procedure. It is obvious that you are a perfectionist and that certainly bodes well for your clients! I know I, for one, used it to my advantage.
I have received compliment after compliment on how natural my breasts appear. I received the biggest compliment from my own mother who stated, “Oh, that’s how they used to look!” You have a gift that others are able to benefit from. Thank you for sharing it. With much gratitude and many thanks.B.W.

Thank you for your time yesterday in reviewing what’s involved in plastic surgery. I’m glad you will be my surgeon.A.

Dear Dr. Lowenstein & Staff, I would like to offer my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the wonderful care and treatment I received while under your care for my breast augmentation. I was very impressed at the level of professionalism exhibited by all the staff and the tremendous standard of care I received.
Every visit I had in the office was so pleasant. I was always greeted with a warm, positive sense of genuine interest. From my first consultation where you spent time ensuring all my questions were answered, through the surgery, to my follow-up appointments, the entire staff has shown great attention to detail, a sincere level of caring for my well-being, and the highest quality of doctor-patient relationship that I have ever experienced or could expect.
Dr. Lowenstein has distinguished himself as a superb surgeon. His competence, compassion, and ethics as a plastic surgeon are exemplary. It is obvious he is committed to each patient’s happiness. The results of my breast augmentation have far surpassed my expectations and personal desires. I am so grateful and happy for the amazing transformation I have undergone. I am deeply impressed by Montecito Plastic Surgery and recommend them unhesitatingly. I am confident that if you select Dr. Lowenstein for your procedure, he would provide the same high level of service and commitment.C.

Dr. Lowenstein and the whole crew at Montecito Plastic Surgery made my experience better than I had hoped for. All my life I have had one small and one large breast and it wasn’t until my decision to see Dr. Lowenstein that my confidence and self esteem about my body has improved greatly. I had a remarkable recovery, missing only three days of work, very little scarring and minimal discomfort. I was back at the gym after 5 weeks and feel better and more confident than I have in a long time. Thank you for everything you have done for me.P.

I am thrilled with my results from Dr. Lowenstein which has certainly exceeded my expectations! From my very first meeting I felt comfortable and informed on every aspect. He and his staff provided professional care while still maintaining a warm and friendly environment. I can’t recommend him highly enough!Patient of Dr. Lowenstein’s

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