Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is the procedure used to reduce and reshape the disproportionately large, drooping breast. It not only improves the way the patient looks, but also relieves the weight bearing pain and discomfort of the neck, shoulder region and upper back. This procedure also allows for more comfort during physical activity in addition to improving a more youthful appearance of the breast.

FAQs: Breast Reduction

  • How are breast reductions performed?

    Breast reduction can be thought of as breast lifting with resection of more tissue in order to significantly reduce the breast volume. Details regarding the operations are very similar to those discussed with breast lift. Primary incisions for breast reduction are either the vertical breast reduction which leaves a lollipop scar, or a Weiss pattern breast reduction which leaves an anchor type of scar. The latter operation is usually used for large reductions.

  • How much tissue is removed?

    Breast reductions are tailored to your body in order to maximize your breast shape. No two patients are the same and evaluating your breast size relative to your body size will allow Dr. Lowenstein to discuss the amount of tissue removed from each breast to result in an attractive and comfortable breast size.

  • What can I expect after surgery?

    Breast reduction patients are some of the most satisfied patients undergoing plastic surgery. Recovery often involves minimal pain and breast reduction patients are often very surprised that they are so comfortable so soon after their plastic surgery. As Dr. Lowenstein does not use drains in his breast reduction surgery, there is little postoperative maintenance needed. You will see Dr. Lowenstein the day after your surgery, and then in the following weeks. Showering is permitted the first postoperative day. Most patients return to school or work in about a week, though vigorous exercise is avoided for a 3 week period.

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