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Bakersfield Patients

We know your time is valuable. Many patients from Bakersfield come to Dr. Lowenstein in Santa Barbara for plastic surgery care, whether it’s for CoolSculpting or plastic surgery. Our patient coordinators at Montecito Plastic Surgery are excellent at maximizing the time our Bakersfield patients spend in Santa Barbara to ensure the most convenient experience possible.

Even though it’s a bit of a drive, Bakersfield patients believe the trip is well worth it and quick to rave about the superlative treatment that they receive from Dr. Lowenstein and our team:

I can say I was a bit hesitant about the distance in choosing a doctor from out of town. I very quickly realized how two and a half hours was actually very convenient for the experience I was going to receive with Dr. Lowenstein. I would describe him as a perfectionist…. He came through precisely as I am more than extremely happy with my results.

Dr. Lowenstein was my first consultation as I was referred to him by a friend. I live in Bakersfield and while I will definitely say I am not a “hater” of Bakersfield, I was hesitant at the thought of having my surgery done in town for a few reasons… With Dr. Lowenstein, I genuinely did not ever feel like just another patient. He and Susanne, along with their extremely professional and kind front desk staff, made me feel very welcome and comfortable.

Montecito and Santa Barbara were beautiful day trips, which was just another nice addition to my decision to have my surgery there. Another reason I felt coming to Montecito Plastic Surgery was for me is the privacy it offered. I love the surgery center and the fact that I’m not going to run into a ton of people I know.

I truly do feel like anyone that has a consultation with Dr. Lowenstein will end up choosing him as their doctor. I remember thinking right before my surgery how relieved and happy I was with my choice. I definitely would have stayed in town for my surgery if Bakersfield had its own “Dr. Lowenstein,” but unfortunately I don’t think I would’ve gotten the results I did, nor would I have been as happy as I am, if my decision hadn’t been choosing Dr. Lowenstein and his staff.Actual patient of Dr. Lowenstein

The Surgical Experience at Montecito Plastic Surgery

When discussing a consultation with our staff, we will do everything that we can over the telephone to ensure that you are a good candidate for plastic surgery before making your appointment. If it’s not likely that your trip will be worth your time, we will let you know it up front. We may even request that you send a photograph of yourself via our Virtual Consultation Page in order that Dr. Lowenstein can evaluate your goals.

The initial visit with Dr. Lowenstein, in addition to the rest of your time in the office, usually totals about an hour. We can help direct you to local shops and restaurants as most Bakersfield patients make a day trip of their first visit to Montecito Plastic Surgery. Should you decide to proceed with treatment, Dr. Lowenstein’s nurse Susanne will supply you with instructions and prescriptions for any tests needed for your pre-operative evaluation, should that be required.

Your next pre-operative visit will be to go over the surgery, consents, and instructions once again and receive any final prescriptions to be filled before surgery. In preparation for your surgery, coordinators Saira and Ruthie can help find a hotel room for you and your caregiver overnight, as Dr. Lowenstein will want to see you the day after surgery in most cases. Following your two day surgery stay in Santa Barbara you will be released home, to visit once or twice more for routine checkups at your convenience. Despite the travel, Bakersfield patients find the level of care and results well worth the investment in their time.

The Non-Surgical Experience at Montecito Plastic Surgery

CoolSculpting and Ultherapy

For CoolSculpting and Ultherapy patients, the routine can be even easier. Our staff will similarly evaluate your situation over the phone and possibly with photos, and your initial consult can be scheduled at the same time as your treatment, minimizing your inconvenience. Because these therapies are non-invasive, there is no need to stay in Santa Barbara unless you want to take advantage of our shopping, dining, and atmosphere in a leisurely fashion. Followup visits after these procedures occur a few months later and are easy to schedule around your lifestyle.

Bakersfield CoolSculpting patients in particular enjoy benefitting from our treatment in Santa Barbara. As the closest CoolSculpting Center to Bakersfield, patients get to see the highly experienced personnel in our office who can utilize the latest treatment protocols and advanced techniques to achieve the best CoolSculpting results. Additionally, patients find that our CoolSculpting prices are less expensive than those at some satellite offices that can be found throughout California. We encourage Bakersfield patients to call us at 805-969-9004 and learn about the outstanding CoolSculpting care that can be found at Montecito Plastic Surgery.

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