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At Montecito Plastid Surgery, Dr. Lowenstein treats patients from all around the country and around the world. Patients from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East travel to have their procedures performed by Dr. Lowenstein and then enjoy their new look while recovering in the paradise of Santa Barbara.

While longer distance travel can be more involved than other commutes, our concierge staff are experts at logistical coordination and can help arrange for transportation, lodging, and even nursing care while in the Santa Barbara area. Our trans-continental and overseas patients often have such a wonderful stay that they make Santa Barbara a recurring destination, and we ask that you come visit us again each time you are in the area!

When discussing a consultation with our staff, we will do everything that we can over the telephone to ensure that you are a good candidate for plastic surgery before making your appointment. If it’s not likely that your trip will be worth your time, we will let you know it up front. We may even request that you send a photograph of yourself via our Virtual Consultation Page in order that Dr. Lowenstein can evaluate your goals.

Should your virtual consultation deem you a candidate for surgery, a telephone or video consultation can be set up between you and Dr. Lowenstein so that he has the opportunity to review your situation and goals in detail. Your experience and education should be no different than our local patients and our office strives to provide seamless service and care for traveling clientele. Once you and Dr. Lowenstein have had a chance to discuss things, our concierge staff will help make your pre-operative arrangements and coordinate your travel and your stay.

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