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Lip Augmentation

Lip AugmentationLip augmentation is one of the most commonly requested procedures in cosmetic surgery. This can be performed with soft tissue fullers such as Restylane®, Juvaderm™, Perlane®, or fat injection. Application of BOTOX® Cosmetic can also be involved in shaping your lips and mouth. Dr. Lowenstein insists on performing these procedures himself, rather than have his staff provide these services. Despite the extra time it takes, Dr. Lowenstein feels that his in-depth knowledge of facial anatomy gained from his surgical experience allows for more refined injection techniques. The key to the injections is achievement of a balance between your upper and lower lips, while maintaining the appearance of a natural fullness.

Some patients may have an excessively long upper lip, which may require “lifting” or shortening. This is sometimes required following orthognathic jaw surgery, or when a long upper lip prevents proper tooth show, especially when smiling. Careful facial analysis by Dr. Lowenstein will identify patients who can benefit from this procedure.

Conveniently located in Santa Barbara, Dr. Lowenstein commonly cares for many lip augmentation surgery patients from Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Ventura, and Thousand Oaks.

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