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Plasma Skin Treatments

Cool Helium Plasma is a cutting edge, next generation technology that allows previously unattainable results.  The excitation of helium electrons through radiofrequency energy transfer allows for the creation of a “cool” 100-degree plasma beam that can be used on the outside or underside of the skin to provide spectacular though different results.

Plasma Skin ConditioningPlasma Skin Resurfacing
Cool Helium Plasma on the underside of the skin provides:

  • skin tightening
  • improvement and elimination of “crepe-like” wrinkly skin, even in thin skin areas
  • improvement in skin elasticity
  • a decrease in skin laxity
Cool Helium Plasma Beam on the outside of the skin provides:

  • sun damage reversal
  • skin tightening
  • wrinkle improvement and elimination

How does Cool Helium Plasma work?

That is an excellent question and one that quite honestly has not been completely figured out quite yet.  Dr. Lowenstein believes that the relatively cool plasma beam creates the proper energy to provide protein coagulation without damage of adjacent structures.  What does that mean?  When we warm an egg white, we see that as the heat progresses from warm to hot, the white of the egg becomes more firm, turning from liquid to a jelly-like consistency, and then with further heat, that jelly turns to a solid.  The trick with contracting and firming the skin is very similar to the changes in the egg white, where we need to find the optimum temperature to create the coagulation of the egg (or in this case the skin) proteins.  The cooler temperature of the helium plasma stream as compared to other technologies such as laser allows for heating to that “sweet spot” where we see firming without burning- and amazing results!



Plasma Minimally Invasive Neck Lift

Dr. Lowenstein is incredibly excited to offer a truly game-changing neck lift that even he had previously not thought possible.  Using the J-Plasma Cool Helium Plasma stream, Dr. Lowenstein is now able to perform SKIN TIGHTENING with a minimally invasive outpatient procedure in about an hour that creates amazing, immediate results.

Before (left side) and 6 DAYS AFTER (right side) J-Plasma minimally invasive neck lift by Dr. Lowenstein at Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara

The advancement that makes the Plasma Minimally Invasive Neck Lift possible is an energized stream of helium gas that creates a very precise energy beam.  The use of this energy stream on the undersurface of the skin creates a tightening effect previously unattainable by any other technique.  Because the plasma beam is more controlled, more precise, and “cooler” in temperature than traditional lasers, the application of the beam on the undersurface of the skin is safe and does not damage the skin the way lasers can and do.  The controlled temperature creates an immediate tightening effect through contraction and expected controlled protein coagulation that maintains it’s new position and shape, with MINIMAL down time.  A compression garment worn for 3 days and sutures in three small and well-hidden incisions allows for an easy bounce back to your life and lifestyle with an amazing result.

Plasma Minimally Invasive Tummy Tightening

Similar to the use of Cool Helium Plasma in the neck, plasma conditioning of stretched abdominal skin can create significant improving and smoothing of the tummy as well.  Many women who don’t have fat or excessive laxity of their abdominal muscles still have some loose skin that accumulates as they age.  Using the newest Plasma technology, small incisions can be used to treat the undersurface of the skin with cool helium plasma stream, providing a tightening never before attainable!  Whereas tummy tucks or mini tummy tucks used to be needed to deal with simple skin laxity, Cool Helium Plasma Conditioning now allows Dr. Lowenstein to tighten without long incisions and scars.

Plasma Minimally Invasive Arm Firming

Wrinkled skin in the arms can also benefit from plasma conditioning.  Tightening of the arm skin has long been an issue requiring prominent scars from skin excision.  Dr. Lowenstein has spent years telling patients with moderate skin laxity of the arm that the incision and scarring resulting from traditional arm lifts were just not worth it.  Now, using Plasma technology, we can use small incisions to tighten the skin of the upper arm without long, ugly incisions and associated scarring.

Plasma Skin Resurfacing

Cool Helium Plasma skin resurfacing is truly a game changer when it comes to skin resurfacing. Reversing the signs of aging and sun damage, plasma resurfacing utilizes advanced energy technology by combining the unique properties of helium plasma excited with radiofrequency energy. The treatment of the outer skin with the Cool Helium Plasma stream heats precisely without any damage to adjacent tissue.  This removes the outer layer of skin without burning, heating the underlying tissue just enough to cause contraction and stimulate new protein formation.  Wrinkles and lines can be made to virtually disappear thanks to the unique effects of Dr. Lowenstein’s plasma beam.

Undeniable, extraordinary results.
Undeniable, extraordinary results.

Montecito Plastic Surgery is the first practice in Santa Barbara to offer Cool Helium Plasma skin resurfacing. Because of the amazing precision, Cool Plasma Skin Resurfacing can be individualized to achieve each patient’s needs and achieve truly extraordinary results.

  • Tighten skin
  • Repair sun damage
  • Eliminate wrinkles
  • Improve skin tone
  • Rejuvenate aging lips
  • Improve jowls
  • Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation without surgery!

Virtually eliminate deep wrinkles of the brow and crows feet area around the eyes.
Virtually eliminate deep wrinkles of the brow and crows feet area around the eyes.

Amazing improvement in wrinlke reduction and reshaping around the mounth
Amazing improvement in wrinkle reduction and reshaping around the mouth


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What Are J-Plasma's effects around the eyes?

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