Published August 4, 2008 By Adam Lowenstein

Deciding on any plastic surgery, especially breast augmentation, is a very personal decision and one not to be made casually or lightly. Finding the right operation, and having it performed by the right surgeon, is key to increasing your likelihood of a long lasting and great result. We have seen so many patients over the years, and the vast majorities have come to our office for plastic surgery in Santa Barbara for great reasons. Here are 5 common reasons we perform breast implant surgery in Santa Barbara:

  1. “I can’t find flattering clothes that fit me.” This is perhaps the most frequent complaint of our plastic surgery patients in Santa Barbara. In Santa Barbara, summery apparel and bathing suits can be fun to wear, but can accentuate specific aspects of the body. Wearing many of these clothes with a smaller chest can be a very attractive look; one that many men and women prefer. Some woman, however, feel that breast implant surgery allows them to more easily find this type of clothing that also fits the rest of their body- this is a good reason to consider surgery.
  2. “I would like my body to be more proportional.” Many Santa Barbara women find that their body type and their breast size don’t seem to correspond to each other. This is the same reason that some women get breast reductions and this is a good reason for that operation as well. A proportioned look can appear aesthetically pleasing, with or without clothing. That being said, everyone has their own “ideal”, and your “ideal proportion” is the one that plastic surgery should strive to achieve. Breast implant surgery can help your to attain a proportional look, and that is what we like to achieve here in Santa Barbara.
  3. “My breasts have gotten smaller as I’ve aged.” Often during pregnancy, a woman’s breast will enlarge with growth of the milk producing glands required for breast feeding. This is often a welcomed change. Subsequently, many women experience a shrinking of the breast tissue, and wish to achieve the appearance they had before or during pregnancy. This again, is an excellent reason to get breast augmentation in Santa Barbara. We see a lot of Santa Barbara mothers who very much enjoy returning to their pre-atrophy look.
  4. “My breasts are sagging.” This is called “ptosis”, or drooping of the breast, and also may follow pregnancy as an unwanted change. A breast lift alone may correct this problem, but sometimes an implant may be required as well to achieve the look that the patients wishes to have. The mastopexy (lift) can be performed at the same time as the breast implant placement, and gives a great, youthful appearance to the breast form. As there are many different types of breast lift procedures, you should have an in-depth discussion with your Santa Barbara plastic surgeon about which operation is right for you.
  5. “My breasts are different sizes.” Breast asymmetry is a natural and completely normal finding. Some degree of natural asymmetry should be expected as part of life, but if there is a significant difference in appearance between your two breasts, breast implant surgery can help to give you a better appearance. In these situations, a different sized breast implant can be utilized on each side to achieve a natural, symmetric look. No two breasts will ever be exactly the same size with or without surgery, but with today’s plastic surgery options, improvement can be made to the point that it is difficult to see any difference in the size or shape from one breast to the other.

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