Published February 4, 2010 By Adam Lowenstein

I’m heading back east today, after another short week of plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. Last week was a bit of vacation in Aspen, and I was swamped for the short time that I was in Santa Barbara early in the week. Today, I’m actually running back home to see my mother who is having a bit of surgery tomorrow morning, and will be back on Sunday… for another two whole days before I leave again for Miami. Next week in Miami is the renowned Baker-Gordon Aesthetic Meeting, which is one of the premier meetings on cosmetic plastic surgery in the world. While I’m looking forward to exchanging ideas with friends, I’m sorry it is so hard to get in to see me, and I want to apologize to those several patients who are trying to get in for consultations and surgeries. I operated all day yesterday, and squeezed a few new consults between cases- Next week’s Monday and Tuesday are nearly filled, though I’ve asked my staff to try and accommodate patients as much as possible. I seem to have dozens of new patients to see when I get back, and I want to thank everyone for their patience.

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