Dr. Lowenstein’s persistent efforts to create the best outcome for his patients requires vigilant attention to cutting edge technology. Finding these technologies, researching them, and weeding out the bad from the good remains one of Dr. Lowenstein’s passions. Scar therapy has been one of those areas that have had lots of attention but very little scientifically proven ways to achieve improvement. That has been the case until now. Developed by Stanford University researchers, Embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy from Neodyne is the first scar management product of its kind- scars are significantly less perceptible when Embrace is used after surgery. Based on extensive research Dr. Lowenstein has begun using Embrace Scar Therapy and is one of the first in Santa Barbara to do so. Utilization of this advanced scar treatment following his surgeries is being highly acclaimed by his patients and we are very excited to be using Embrace in an effort to maximize patient outcomes.

Scar Revision

Another utilization of Embrace Scar treatment is the revision of existing scars that patients would like to see improved. Particularly in scars from C-sections, chest surgery, and even leg and abdominal surgeries, Embrace provides an opportunity to have real hope for improvement following revision of these unattractive scars. After the old scar is removed, Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy is utilized to prevent the mechanisms that caused the original poor scar from happening in the first place. The new scar has a far better chance of remaining thin and aesthetically pleasing once Embrace has had the opportunity to modulate the healing process. For more information about maximizing your scar or revising an old, unattractive scar in Santa Barbara, call our office and find out about Embrace Scar Treatment.

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