• Nipple sensation in breast augmentation

    A common question about breast augmentation is about whether nipples get numb following breast augmentation. While it is not the breast implant itself that causes numb nipples, it is possible that the nerves that supply sensation to the nipple can be damaged during the breast augmentation. These nerves come from the chest around from the […]

  • Tuberous or constricted breasts- how to correct the breast shape

    Tuberous breasts are more common than you would think- a large part of my Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice involves reshaping breasts to a more aesthetic shape, and I see patients with tuberous breasts with great frequency. Tuberous breasts are often referred to as constricted breasts, because it seems that part of the breasts (most […]

  • Breast implant surgery in Santa Barbara

    Yesterday I did three breast implant operations at my plastic surgery center here in Santa Barbara. One of them was what we call a primary breast augmentation, which means I operated on a woman who did not previously have breast implants and I did her breast augmentation for the first time. The other two patients […]

  • What sets us apart

    I was recently asked by a friend what I thought was the thing that sets us apart from other practices in the area. My answer was twofold- I think it is a combination of technology and experience. The two examples that I gave were the Keller Funnel and CoolSculpting. We have the most experience with […]

  • Breast Implant size

    Patients spend a lot of time in the office discussing size of the breast implant that they want. Nearly every day I hear patients say one of two things. Everybody seems to have a friend that tells them that you always wish you went bigger, or that you always wish you went smaller. It’s very […]

  • Implant ruptures- Why I Stick to the Gold Standard with Mentor Breast Implants

    We have just reviewed our breast implant data and found some pretty great findings here at Montecito Plastic Surgery. Patients who have had the opportunity to discuss my breast augmentation techniques with me are well aware of the advantages of the dual plane pocket and the use of the gold standard Mentor breast implant. Our […]

  • The TouchMD Advantage in Breast Augmentation

    We have been very happy with our TouchMD system over the past few months, and patient reaction to this remarkable software has been outstanding. With TouchMD patients are able to log into their own web portal and view information about our practice as well as a multitude of different plastic surgery procedures. Everything from videos […]

  • Keller Funnel and the no-touch technique

    Today we tried out the Keller Funnel which is a great tool that allows me to place a silicone gel implant through a very small incision. Additionally and perhaps more important, the implants is placed directly into the funnel, and then via the funnel is placed directly inside the pocket without ever being touched by […]

  • My Long Weekend in Dallas

    It’s Sunday morning and I’m in the spending the weekend in Dallas with my good friend and accomplished plastic surgeon Dr. David Genecov. David and I have known each other for a long time and have collaborated on many projects involving plastic surgery presentations and plastic surgery education on the national scene. The main reason […]

  • PLASTIC SURGERY OF THE BREAST- Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery

    SANTA BARBARA PLASTIC SURGERY DETAILS-  PLASTIC SURGERY OF THE BREAST For those Santa Barbara plastic surgery patients who are interested a bit more on the technical side, the following is from a lecture series that I give operating room staff and residents on intra-operative procedure for various types of breast surgery, with some accompanying background […]

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