• Frequently Asked Questions on Facelifts 5

    Dr. Lowenstein frequently answers questions on other websites such as RealSelf.  While these questions have NOT been asked by patients of Dr. Lowenstein, prospective and past patients may find interesting information in the answers found below and on these pages… Q: Fat Transfer to Improve Scary Atrophic Lesions and Loss of Volume After Infini Radiofrequancy […]

  • My Long Weekend in Dallas

    It’s Sunday morning and I’m in the spending the weekend in Dallas with my good friend and accomplished plastic surgeon Dr. David Genecov. David and I have known each other for a long time and have collaborated on many projects involving plastic surgery presentations and plastic surgery education on the national scene. The main reason […]

  • When A Face Lift is the right thing

    Today I saw another patient who was interested in soft tissue fillers because her dermatologist had done this to her face in the past. What she needs is a face lift. She had deep “marionette lines”, where the sagging tissue of the cheek folds over the depressions below the corners of the mouth. She wanted […]

  • Facelifts trending towards my techniques

    I’m finally getting to write about some of the experiences that I had at the recent meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgery in Denver. In particular I enjoyed a fantastic panel where five of the most well-known facial plastic surgeons discussed the way that they do facelifts. It seems as though they are […]

  • The youthful face and the nasolabial crease

    The nasolabial folds, sometimes called the nasolabial crease, is a highly misunderstood region of the face that gets a lot of attention in facial cosmetic surgery. Since the increased popularity of soft tissue fillers exploded with the aesthetic enhancement of the lips, many practitioners have taken to injecting the areas of the nasolabial folds in […]

  • Does lifting and tightening the SMAS cause cheeks to flatten?

    The advantage of the SMAS lift is that as the SMAS is lifted vertically, there is excess that can be manipulated in several ways.  In the full face, this excess is removed so as not to add volume to an already round face.  In the thin or hollowed face, this tissue can be folded on […]

  • Evolence gets FDA nod for lasting 12 MONTHS!!

    Evolence, the soft tissue collagen filler that everyone is talking about, just got FDA approval for labelling their product as lasting 12 months! This means that long term results have held up to the rigorous standards of the FDA. I love using this product because of its lack of swelling, ease of precise placement, and […]

  • Coming from Beverly Hills for Plastic Surgery

    We are seeing more and more women come from Beverly Hills and Hollywood to have their plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. I find this a very interesting phenomenon. I’ve never been one to gawk at celebrities- I see them as people just like you and I, with very interesting careers. (I have some friends, whoever, […]


    Recently, our entire Santa Barbara community was affected by the Jesusita fire, from Goleta to Montecito. Personally, my wife and I hosted evacuees from the foothills, and my wife additionally volunteered at the call center to help provide information regarding the Jesusita Fire. Only by the outstanding work of the firefighters was the home of […]

  • Fillers and Forbes

    A friend showed me an article in a recent edition of Forbes Magazine about a New York plastic surgeon that is performing something he calls a Y-lift. This is apparently an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery and patients “look amazing immediately afterward, and in a day or two they look even better.” After I read […]

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