• Is it time for a Santa Barbara Mommy Makeover?

    A mommy makeover is a very vague term that can mean lots of things, and can be performed on women who have had children or not. Usually, mommy makeover corresponds to a combination of breast enhancement and body contouring…. but there are many ways to do both. In my Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice, we […]

  • Non invasive fat removal- CoolSculpting, TrueSculpt, Zerona and Vanquish

    With the raging success of CoolSculpting over the last few years, it is no surprise that a number of companies are trying to take a piece of the non-invasive fat reduction pie. I am solicited on a nearly weekly basis to try some new machine from China that promises to reduce fat without the track […]

  • Liposuction or CoolSculpting?

    Today I had a patient come in for liposuction, but like most Santa Barbara residents, she has a very active lifestyle. We talked about the fact that liposuction results in nearly complete fat evacuation, but requires somewhat intense postoperative care, with a compression garment and a lack of excessive physical activity for a few weeks. […]

  • Think CoolSculpting in the New Year for getting rid of the fat without surgery

    Saw this article today which was pretty remarkable- a ton of food for each American is amazing. We are now seeing our Santa Barbara post-CoolSculpting patients back in the office and the before and after photos are remarkable. It’s a great way to remove fat effectively without liposuction, without surgery, and with a significantly lower […]

  • Body Contouring in Santa Barbara- Abdominoplasty vs. Liposuction

    When is Liposuction the right answer? Yesterday I did a liposuction operation on a young woman here at my Plastic Surgery Center in Santa Barbara. She was in her mid 30’s, and she’s going to get a great result because she was an excellent candidate for the operation. A lot of my patients come to […]

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