• Be safe with your plastic surgery!

    This recent USA Today article highlights several tragic but avoidable situations in which unqualified and dangerous physicians who were not boarded by the American Board of Plastic Surgery- and not properly trained in plastic surgery- caused the deaths of patients who were seduced by a sales pitch and a discount. Particularly with liposuction, the overdose […]

  • Natural Appearing Breast Implants

    In the course of my discussions about creating the most natural appearing breast augmentations, I always review the reasoning that I use the dual plane technique with my patients. A lot of information about breast implants can be found on the breast pages of my website, but I want to reiterate why this technique seems […]

  • Float spa event for Girls Inc.

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming out to Float Spa last night- we had a great crowd despite the crazy weather, and a lot of great questions following my talk on minimally invasive plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. Best of all, it was a great even for Girls Inc.! Thanks again!!

  • Keeping busy with plastic surgery and more in Santa Barbara

    As many of you know, following Dr. Sheffield’s retirement at the end of last year, some gentle transformations have kept us busy at Montecito Plastic Surgery. New paint adorns the walls, and new furniture can be found throughout the office. This week, the finishing touches will be placed with new flooring in two exam rooms. […]

  • Help Fight the Proposed Plastic Surgery Tax

    Congress is currently debating a 5% federal taxation of users of cosmetic medical treatments like you. As a plastic surgeon, I urge you to oppose this tax for several reasons outlined here. Please get involved! The tax is punitive and places an additional burden on the middle class – According to the American Society of […]

  • Tanning beds get their due

    “Tanning beds have been ranked alongside cigarettes, arsenic and asbestos as posing the greatest threat of cancer to humans by an international cancer research group.”- from a Reuter’s news article last week. Skin cancer is finally being recognized as the significant cancer that has significant morbidity and even mortality. The chief culprit to cause this […]

  • Press Release- Patients Traveling Longer Distances to See Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon

    With hopes of the economic recovery on the horizon, more and more people are once again considering plastic surgery as a means of self-improvement. From breast augmentation to facial rejuvenation, patients are looking to their plastic surgeon for the means to make a change. Not all patients seem to be looking locally, however. Santa Barbara […]

  • Coming from Beverly Hills for Plastic Surgery

    We are seeing more and more women come from Beverly Hills and Hollywood to have their plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. I find this a very interesting phenomenon. I’ve never been one to gawk at celebrities- I see them as people just like you and I, with very interesting careers. (I have some friends, whoever, […]

  • Who does your Botox®?

    Today I had a call from the concierge at the Four Seasons Resort here in Santa Barbara. One of their guests wanted a Botox® treatment and was curious if we were available today, Sunday. I spoke with the concierge and explained that I would of course love to provide services to their guests. This woman […]

  • Post-operative care- don’t skimp on your comfort or safety!

    Yesterday I did another rhinoplasty- this patient is from Scandinavia and came to see me in Santa Barbara for her plastic surgery. At her preoperative consultation, I asked her who she was planning on having help her following surgery, and how she was going to get back to her hotel. She had planned to take […]

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