Published March 7, 2019 By Adam Lowenstein

If you are one of countless individuals who want to improve their body’s tone and contours but find traditionally, more-invasive options like liposuction to be off-putting, consider CoolSculpting. At Montecito Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer CoolSculpting — a safe, effective and non-invasive means of eliminating fat and getting the slimmer, more attractive figure you’ve been struggling to achieve but deserve.

If you have stubborn pockets of fat which don’t seem to respond to diet and exercise, but you are otherwise close to reaching your body contour goals, then you are a perfect candidate for CoolSculpting. Using the latest and most advanced technology, CoolSculpting provides a comfortable and lasting solution to slim down and enhance the most common and most difficult trouble spots, including the stomach, flanks, back, neck and inner and outer thighs.

Unlike a tummy tuck or more invasive forms of fat removal such as liposuction, CoolSculpting is safe, relatively painless and has no downtime or recovery. These qualities help make CoolSculpting the new gold standard when compared to more invasive alternatives and competing fat reduction procedures. During and after CoolSculpting, patients can enjoy all the benefits of permanent fat cell removal without many of the inconvenient, costly or unpleasant downsides.

In fact, many patients are comfortable and relaxed enough to read, watch television or rest during their CoolSculpting sessions. And after patients have the full results of their CoolSculpting treatment, they will not only benefit from tangible and visible improvements to their body contours but also can promptly and more easily continue their health and fitness regimen without stubborn fat getting in the way. They can enjoy the results they have and take them even further.

How does CoolSculpting work?

Patients frequently ask this question, and the science behind CoolSculpting is very intriguing. CoolSculpting works by utilizing Cryolipolysis™, essentially, a form of precise freezing. With Cryolipolysis™, CoolSculpting can accurately target the fat cells which concern patients without damaging the surrounding tissue. Through this specified freezing process, CoolSculpting kills fat cells in the patients’ specific areas of concern – especially those places on the body which seem to resist noticeable change despite the efforts of diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

This cell death is why the results of CoolSculpting last. In fact, the results are permanent. This is why CoolSculpting works. Everyone has a specific number of fat cells from birth, which remain in the body for life. In other words, when we gain weight in the form of fat, it can be attributed to fat cell growth, not an addition of new fat cells. This also means that once a fat cell is eliminated – that is, once it dies – it is processed by the lymphatic system, and then it is gone, permanently. This permanent elimination of fat cells, which reduces the overall number of fat cells in the body, is what allows CoolSculpting to give patients long-term results.

Nonetheless, it is of utmost importance for patients to maintain a healthy diet, exercise and lifestyle after finishing their CoolSculpting sessions To ensure best results and prevent their remaining fat cells from growing. It’s also crucial for patients to recognize that CoolSculpting is an effective means of body sculpting and contouring but should be relied upon as a means to achieve substantial or drastic weight loss. Patients should try to get as close as possible to their healthy weight first, then allow CoolSculpting to finalize their results by eliminating fat which unfortunately still remains.

Another factor to consider before having CoolSculpting, CoolSculpting technology targets subcutaneous fat, a type of fat which lies under the skin and on top of muscle. Most everyone has some amount of subcutaneous fat, and while subcutaneous fat can be notoriously difficult or frustrating to lose, it generally is not associated with any significant health risks. Visceral fat, however, surrounds the organs and cannot be treated by CoolSculpting. With CoolSculpting, our aim is to provide noticeable, yet natural-looking results that boost confidence and self-esteem safely.

Why should I consider CoolSculpting for my body toning needs?

Are you wondering whether you are a candidate for CoolSculpting? If your lifestyle is generally busy and active, and you don’t have the time for the recovery required by liposuction or another invasive procedure, CoolSculpting is a wonderful option for you to consider.

Similarly, if you want to see a change in your body contours and physique but do not want to undergo surgery, CoolSculpting is a great option for you. Also, if you are just within reach of your body sculpting goals but are held back by stubborn areas or pockets of fatty tissue, consider CoolSculpting.

Once you have CoolSculpting, the procedure continues working over the next several weeks, and in time, your new sculpted body and improved contours will be more and more noticeable. CoolSculpting can help you address what you simply cannot solve on your own, quickly, safely and effectively.

Why have CoolSculpting at Montecito Plastic Surgery?

At Montecito Plastic Surgery, Dr. Lowenstein offers the most experienced CoolSculpting practice in the Santa Barbara and Central California area. The many CoolSculpting before and afters on our website are only of our patients, so you get to see the actual results we have achieved. All of our procedures are performed only by CoolSculpting-certified nurses, who continually get trained in the latest and most effective techniques. They have performed thousands of CoolSculpting procedures and are able to offer our patients the latest and most advanced CoolSculpting technology — CoolAdvantage Applicators. Using CoolAdvantage Applicators, you can enjoy even greater fat reduction in a shorter amount of time and with greater comfort.

With the latest in CoolSculpting technology and their extensive background with and understanding of the procedure, our staff are able to provide world-class, personalized attention and care to each and every Montecito Plastic Surgery patient. At Montecito Plastic Surgery, we place the highest level of importance on our patient’s experience, and we want to ensure that yours is clinically safe, comfortable and effective. Another advantage of getting CoolSculpting done by an experienced plastic surgeon’s practice, is Dr. Lowenstein’s guarantee: if any patients are unhappy with their CoolSculpting results, Dr. Lowenstein will apply 50% of the money spent on CoolSculpting on the treated area towards liposuction. No patients have take us up on this, simply because we have helped all our patients attain results they love, but we want everyone who comes to us to enjoy peace of mind.

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