Published January 26, 2013 By Adam Lowenstein

Dr. Lowenstein frequently answers questions on other websites such as RealSelf.  While these questions have NOT been asked by patients of Dr. Lowenstein, prospective and past patients may find interesting information in the answers found below and on these pages…

Q: Fat Transfer to Improve Scary Atrophic Lesions and Loss of Volume After Infini Radiofrequancy by LutIam 39y Femaleronic Company?

A: Fat grafting for atrophy

Fat grafting can unquestionably help cases of facial atrophy- it sounds as though you are very unhappy with your prior treatment, and I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon for an evaluation of your situation so you can get good first hand knowledge from an experienced surgeon.

Q: Can a Lower Facelift & Platysmaplasty Cause or Exacerbate TMJ Dysfunction?

A: Tightness after face lift

From your description it sounds more like your tightness is from the tightening of the face lift itself, and not related to your jaw joint.  I would think that these sensations will slowly resolve on their own as the healing from your surgery continues.  Best wishes!

Q: Catio Lifting – Risks and Side Effects?

A: Facial Rejuvenation at 27

At your age I would recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss skin care.  There are some proven ways of non-invasive facial tightening, such as Ultherapy, but the facial spa treatment that you are asking about is not something that I would expect to give you a significant improvement.

Q: Can the Tissues Supporting a Suspension Suture Tear (Say After a Hematoma) Causing One Side to Look Less Lifted Than the Other?

A: Postoperative Face Asymmetry

While it is possible for the sutures to have ruptured, it is also possible the inflammation from the hematoma could have caused some of your asymmetry.  There are several other potential reasons as well, so I recommend discussing your situation with your surgeon who can examine you and evaluate your situation first hand.

Q: Is TMJ a Risk to Face/neck Lift? I’m 3 Wks Post Op. Dr Says I Have TMJ, Yet I Didn’t Before?


A: TMJ after surgery

It’s unlikely the surgery caused issues with your jaw, but the tube that is inserted for anesthesia can have some effects like that.  I would recommend consulting with a local oral surgeon if these symptoms don’t improve within the next week or so.

Q: Is It Normal to Have Bumps Behind the Earlobe 3 Weeks Post Op After a Face/neck Lift?

A: A few bumps behind the ear are normal and will go away

It’s completely normal to have a few lumps so soon after surgery.   They likely are from some deep sutures that will dissolve with time.  Be patient- all will look and feel well in the end!

Q: Eyelids, Facelift and Chin Lift?

A: Revision after problematic results may be necessary

If your results are truly that disappointing to you, you may need a revision.  The scars will likely improve, as 2 months is very early to assess your final postoperative appearance.  Hopefully you will see an overall improvement that you will be pleased with as the inflammation subsides over the next few months.

Q: Im 34 and Im Noticing Slight Sagging in my Cheeks and Developing Sagging Jowls?

A: Losing weight vs facial surgery

With the description you’ve given, weight loss is the most important thing for you.   Your health is much more important than any further changes in your face, and getting down toward your ideal body weight will be good for you.  If you did decide to pursue facial surgery in the future, you will be better off having lost the weight so hold off on surgery for now.

Q: I Had a Full Face,neck and Coronal Brow Lift 7 Months Ago. If I Lost 5-10 Lbs, Would This Weaken my Face Lift?

A: Weight loss after surgery

Loss of 5-10 lbs. after surgery can have some effect on the fullness of the face, but not enough to warrant significant concern after your surgery.  Your health is of course the most important thing, and if you are overweight, a 10 lb. loss will do more good for you than any minimal change in your face will reflect.

Q: Do Tiny 3 Mm Stab Incisions on the Cheek That Are Concaved Fill Back Up on There Own with Time?

A: 3 weeks is very early in the healing process

You are still very early in the healing process.  If the problem persists, they will likely be able to be revised.  Try to be patient- this is the hardest part of the whole surgical process.


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