Published February 14, 2014 By Adam Lowenstein

We have just reviewed our breast implant data and found some pretty great findings here at Montecito Plastic Surgery. Patients who have had the opportunity to discuss my breast augmentation techniques with me are well aware of the advantages of the dual plane pocket and the use of the gold standard Mentor breast implant. Our internal study has found that we have had a rupture rate of 0.3% over the course of my entire aesthetic breast practice. That is LOW. Really, really…. really low. I attribute that to the care with which I treat the breast implant during the breast augmentation operation, as well as excellence of the Mentor implant which has been the go-to implant for top breast surgeons for the entirety of my 15 year career. Did I mention a 0.0% infection rate? This is another fantastic statistic for our Santa Barbara breast implant patients.

Over the last year, we have also moved to the use of the Keller Funnel, a tool shaped like a pastry funnel which allows insertion of the implant in a non-traumatic fashion and additionally allows a “no-touch” technique. The breast implant package is opened, and the implant is bathed in antibiotic solution. The breast implant is then placed directly into the funnel without ever touching my gloves or the patient’s skin. Similar to a pastry funnel, the implant is passed from the funnel into the breast pocket through the smallest hole possible that still allows a non-traumatic transfer- no poking with a finger or an instrument during this procedure! The data shows the awesome benefit for our breast implant patients with the use of Mentor and Keller top of the line products.

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