Published December 15, 2020 By Adam Lowenstein

New beginnings come with the promise of better things to come. They also coincide with an ending of some sort. More often than not, endings are a good thing. This is especially true when you decide to correct a cosmetic concern. In many cases, people handle such concerns with temporary strategies. For example, bulges and dimples on areas like the thighs and stomach are often smoothed with compression garments like Spanx®. Compression can be great for temporary gains, or losses, but there are several reasons to end that love-affair for something like liposuction. Here, we discuss why.

Liposuction is more convenient.

Shapewear smooths bulges by compressing the body in all the right places. Once the garment is in place, all may be well. However, putting shapewear on is not nearly as easy as it is to don your favorite sweatpants. Shapewear takes some work to get in place just right. Some people say that putting on their Spanx is a workout in itself. This isn’t something you want to do day after day. Liposuction is a minimally-invasive alternative that imposes only a brief recovery period.

Long-term results.

When you wear a shapewear garment, you can more easily wear that little black dress. Those high-waisted pants that are so popular these days look amazing on your flat stomach. No muffin top to be seen! These results are profound and very satisfying. The problem is, they go away. Liposuction may take an hour or two and a couple weeks of downtime. However, once the problematic fat has been removed, it does not come back. As long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained, so are the results of liposuction.

Love the skin you’re in.

Body image can be good regardless of weight and overall shape. Still, one can have a good body image and also want to achieve better contours. Shapewear does this for a night, or a few nights. It shouldn’t have to do it every day. Liposuction smooths the stomach, the thighs, and other areas so you look good no matter what you wear – even when wearing nothing at all.

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