Published July 15, 2021 By Adam Lowenstein

Liposuction is a leading plastic surgery procedure known for its ability to quickly sculpt an area of the body. This procedure takes that old piece of advice that “you can’t spot reduce fat” and sends it right out the window. Maybe with diet and exercise, spot reduction is an impossible dream. With liposuction, it is a dream come true. Still, if you’ve researched liposuction to get the contours of your dreams, you are probably well aware of the fact that you will need to rely on healthy lifestyle habits to maintain your results. Many of the patients we see in our Santa Barbara office have already established a solid exercise program. When faced with surgical recovery, these patients can tend to become anxious. They want to know how long they must wait to get back to the business of sculpting their bodies. We’ll discuss this important topic here. 

Resuming Exercise after Liposuction

One of the aspects of liposuction surgery that patients appreciate the most is that they don’t have to take an extraordinary amount of time off from life. They’re busy and don’t want to curb their lives to recover from surgery. At the same time, they want to feel great about their appearance. The trade-off is worth it. Liposuction recovery is generally 2 weeks or less. Still, when a person has developed a consistent workout routine, those weeks can feel endless. This can be one of the primary challenges of the recovery process. 

Yes, it is necessary to maintain a consistent exercise program after liposuction. However, it is also necessary to postpone exercise long enough for the body to heal properly. In general, we prepare patients for about 2 weeks away from work, the gym, the yoga studio, the hills, and whatever other area they frequent to get their heart rate and muscles moving. Let’s be clear, though, liposuction recovery is not a time of sitting on the couch and taking naps. It is a time of balance during which patients may go for walks through their neighborhood or nearby park. It is a time when one can meditate, read, and engage in the activities they may normally feel they have no time for. It can be a time of learning new recipes to support a healthy weight, and even a time of reconnecting with Self and loved ones. 

A brief sabbatical from exercise after liposuction is time well-spent. When the recovery process is approached from this perspective, it may take on a whole new level of meaning. Learn more about liposuction and our other body contouring services. Call 805.969.9004 today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Lowenstein.

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