Published October 3, 2013 By Adam Lowenstein

Finally after what seems to have been eons of planning and building and finishing and polishing, we are moving into our new office and surgery center! The new office is truly amazing with an open, comfortable feel, stunning art (including several photographic pieces that I took myself), and an operating facility that is second to none. We are expanding to have additional exam rooms and patient photography facilities, as the new space is 50% larger than our previous Montecito location. I can’t adequately relate how excited I and the staff are to have our patients come visit us in our new location at 1722 State Street, Suite 101. The new building is white (very white) with yellow tile highlights and an arch in front, and is found next to the Kidney Center and almost across the street from iHop.

I’m additionally excited to share the building with my outstanding colleagues, Dr. Howard Gross and Dr. Doug MacKenzie, who’s offices will also be found in the building. The superb dermatology of Dr. Keith Llwellyn and his Aloe Dermatology practice will share the ground floor with our office, making for easy one stop shopping for those many patients that we share.

As you look at our building from the street, Montecito Plastic Surgery will be found on the left just through the arch. Alternatively, for those patients who are looking for a little more of a discrete entrance and exit, the green door on the left side of the building is a second private entrance for our office, leading to and from the parking lot (yes, we have plenty of parking!).

Our move will be happening this weekend and next week we will be putting everything in it’s place, so I will be seeing a minimal amount of patients through the next few days. As of October 14th, however, we will back to full speed, with our first few plastic surgery operations being performed in our new facility that week.

While we are planning a grand opening celebration in November, we encourage you to come by and say hi and look around anytime after the 14th- I’m confident you will love what you see.

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