My 10 year breast implant guarantee program

A relatively new program that I am rolling out has our Santa Barbara breast implant patients very excited- and that goes for patients having a breast augmentation or a breast lift with a breast implant! So what is the big news? I am now providing a breast implant guarantee against capsular contracture or breast implant rupture- for 10 years!

Readers of my blog and website are well educated about breast implants, including the rare possibilities of capsular contracture and implant rupture. Capsular contracture occurs when the tissue around the breast implants becomes thick and tight, causing the breast to become firm and uncomfortable. In my hands, the incidence of capsular contracture in my primary augmentation patients is far far below the national average- less than 3%! Research papers quote this problem to be an issue in up to 25% of breast implant patients, but my patients have a risk that is more than 5 times lower than average.

While capsular contracture is one rare problem, breast implant rupture is another that the Mentor breast implant company has been working on as well. Average Mentor breast implants last well more than 10 years, and we are so confident in that fact that I am including implant rupture in our program.

So what are the details of my breast implant guarantee? Beginning in November of 2014, if one of my primary patients has a problem with capsular contracture or implant rupture within 10 years of their initial operation with me, I will operate to replace the implants and correct the problem at no cost to the patient. That means that breast augmentation or breast lift surgery including a breast implant can come with piece of mind- satisfaction in the short term and confidence in your long term outcome.

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