Published March 5, 2020 By Adam Lowenstein

Polly Dursum RN Santa Barbara CA

We are so excited about our big, big news! In addition to our wonderful nurse Stephanie, we have a new nurse joining the team. Polly Dursum, RN, BSN, CANS is joining Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, CA! A lot of initials after her name? YES, and that is because of her outstanding experience with:
Juvederm (and Juvederm Ultra)
AND Ultherapy!

Polly Dursum has been working in the aesthetic nursing world for quite a long time, which is why she commands quite a large local following for Santa Barbara patients looking for Botox and dermal fillers. We expect her schedule to fill quickly, but will do all we can to accommodate new patients into her practice.

Polly’s addition to our practice means a vast expansion in services for those looking for injectables and minimally invasive services! Between Polly and Stephanie, our Medial Spa at Montecito Plastic Surgery now offers the widest array of services in the region, including CoolSculpting, Clear + Brilliant, micro-needling, PlasmaPen, Ultherapy, and all of the injectables above. For those interested in more surgically oriented services, all of our patients of course benefit from Dr. Lowenstein’s extensive experience and repertoire of cosmetic surgery expertise.

Do we sound excited? WE ARE!!! Call the office now at 805-969-9004 to learn more about Polly Dursum and Stephanie Lambert, and reserve your time for an aesthetic consultation with any of our amazing aesthetic staff!

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