Published August 15, 2008 By Adam Lowenstein

Yesterday I did another rhinoplasty- this patient is from Scandinavia and came to see me in Santa Barbara for her plastic surgery. At her preoperative consultation, I asked her who she was planning on having help her following surgery, and how she was going to get back to her hotel. She had planned to take a taxi to and from the surgery, and was going to stay alone overnight until she could come back and see me the following day.

Well, this was not going to fly with me. Postoperative care and comfort are a vital part of your plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. Just as I won’t skimp on patient safety while you are in my facility, I’m uncomfortable if I’m unsure that you will have a safe environment to return to after your procedure. For local patients and some patients from out of town who travel with family, returning back to loved ones is an ideal situation. If however, you are unable to find a friend or family member who is available to assist you, our facility can arrange, as we did yesterday, for a caregiver to stay with you overnight and help assure that your postoperative course is smooth and that your needs are well provided for. We use AsteraCare and have had a great experience with them. Last night, this lovely young European woman did very well with her caregiver and I’m very appreciative that she was able to be involved with this patient’s care.

-Adam Lowenstein

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