• Is it time for a Santa Barbara Mommy Makeover?

    A mommy makeover is a very vague term that can mean lots of things, and can be performed on women who have had children or not. Usually, mommy makeover corresponds to a combination of breast enhancement and body contouring…. but there are many ways to do both. In my Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice, we […]

  • Nipple sensation in breast augmentation

    A common question about breast augmentation is about whether nipples get numb following breast augmentation. While it is not the breast implant itself that causes numb nipples, it is possible that the nerves that supply sensation to the nipple can be damaged during the breast augmentation. These nerves come from the chest around from the […]

  • Breast implant surgery in Santa Barbara

    Yesterday I did three breast implant operations at my plastic surgery center here in Santa Barbara. One of them was what we call a primary breast augmentation, which means I operated on a woman who did not previously have breast implants and I did her breast augmentation for the first time. The other two patients […]

  • What sets us apart

    I was recently asked by a friend what I thought was the thing that sets us apart from other practices in the area. My answer was twofold- I think it is a combination of technology and experience. The two examples that I gave were the Keller Funnel and CoolSculpting. We have the most experience with […]

  • Breast Implant size

    Patients spend a lot of time in the office discussing size of the breast implant that they want. Nearly every day I hear patients say one of two things. Everybody seems to have a friend that tells them that you always wish you went bigger, or that you always wish you went smaller. It’s very […]

  • The TouchMD Advantage in Breast Augmentation

    We have been very happy with our TouchMD system over the past few months, and patient reaction to this remarkable software has been outstanding. With TouchMD patients are able to log into their own web portal and view information about our practice as well as a multitude of different plastic surgery procedures. Everything from videos […]

  • PIP breast implants should be removed

    New recommendations can be seen here with regard to PIP breast implants. PIP was a French breast implant company that was found to be using less than optimal silicone and therefore was investigated regarding health risks. The link above explains the recommendation from the French Health Minister to have PIP implants removed because of inflammatory […]

  • Breast implants and lymphoma

    There was a lot of coverage today of the news that a certain type of lymphoma has been found in a relative few women with breast implants. Much of the coverage, as expected, lacked the actual information put out by the FDA. My particular interest is in doing the right thing for my patients, and […]

  • The Plastic Surgery Schedule is Filling Up Fast!

    As many of you have heard, Dr. Sheffield is planning on retiring at the end of the year. His presence will, of course, be missed by all of us in the office, as well as so many of his patients who have worked with him here in Santa Barbara for over 15 years. Dr. Lowenstein […]

  • Breast augmentation and choice of incision

    With every breast augmentation patient in Santa Barbara, I go over the various types of breast implants, the various pockets that breast implants can be placed in, and additionally the different incisions that can be used to place the breast implant into the breast pocket. With respect to this last issue, I think there is […]

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