• Is it time for a Santa Barbara Mommy Makeover?

    A mommy makeover is a very vague term that can mean lots of things, and can be performed on women who have had children or not. Usually, mommy makeover corresponds to a combination of breast enhancement and body contouring…. but there are many ways to do both. In my Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice, we […]

  • What sets us apart

    I was recently asked by a friend what I thought was the thing that sets us apart from other practices in the area. My answer was twofold- I think it is a combination of technology and experience. The two examples that I gave were the Keller Funnel and CoolSculpting. We have the most experience with […]

  • Breast Implant size

    Patients spend a lot of time in the office discussing size of the breast implant that they want. Nearly every day I hear patients say one of two things. Everybody seems to have a friend that tells them that you always wish you went bigger, or that you always wish you went smaller. It’s very […]

  • PLASTIC SURGERY OF THE BREAST- Santa Barbara Plastic Surgery

    SANTA BARBARA PLASTIC SURGERY DETAILS-  PLASTIC SURGERY OF THE BREAST For those Santa Barbara plastic surgery patients who are interested a bit more on the technical side, the following is from a lecture series that I give operating room staff and residents on intra-operative procedure for various types of breast surgery, with some accompanying background […]

  • Busy day for plastic surgery in Santa Barbara

    Today we did two breast augmentations and a rhinoplasty at our surgery center. I’m very grateful for the outstanding team we’ve assembled here- everyone got a great operation and should be very pleased with their results. Our newest team member’ Nena Santoyo, is an extraordinary operating room technician who has come to work with us […]

  • Float spa event for Girls Inc.

    Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming out to Float Spa last night- we had a great crowd despite the crazy weather, and a lot of great questions following my talk on minimally invasive plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. Best of all, it was a great even for Girls Inc.! Thanks again!!

  • Press Release- Patients Traveling Longer Distances to See Santa Barbara Plastic Surgeon

    With hopes of the economic recovery on the horizon, more and more people are once again considering plastic surgery as a means of self-improvement. From breast augmentation to facial rejuvenation, patients are looking to their plastic surgeon for the means to make a change. Not all patients seem to be looking locally, however. Santa Barbara […]

  • Botox Safety

    The other day I was riding my bike through the beautiful Carpentaria country side, and met a fellow rider with whom I began to chat. We discussed bikes (of course), and then ventured into a discussion of plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. She asked some excellent questions about facial anatomy and the changes that come […]

  • Current Trends in Breast Implants and Breast Augmentation

    It seems that more and more and more surgeons are performing breast augmentation in the same techniques that Dr. Sheffield and I have been proponents of for quite some time. The dual plane breast augmentation seems to be gaining favor by many plastic surgeons around the country. On of the most respected breast surgeons in […]

  • Notes from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Meeting

    I’ve just returned from the 2008 meeting of the ASPS- thousands of plastic surgeons converged in Chicago last weekend to discuss the latest trends in plastic surgery, as well as issues of patient safety and improving plastic surgery outcomes for patients around the country and the world. I had the pleasure of being involved with […]

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