• The youthful face and the nasolabial crease

    The nasolabial folds, sometimes called the nasolabial crease, is a highly misunderstood region of the face that gets a lot of attention in facial cosmetic surgery. Since the increased popularity of soft tissue fillers exploded with the aesthetic enhancement of the lips, many practitioners have taken to injecting the areas of the nasolabial folds in […]

  • Fillers and Forbes

    A friend showed me an article in a recent edition of Forbes Magazine about a New York plastic surgeon that is performing something he calls a Y-lift. This is apparently an outpatient procedure with minimal recovery and patients “look amazing immediately afterward, and in a day or two they look even better.” After I read […]

  • Evolence

    Last Friday I got to attend a course on the new soft tissue filler- Evolence. This is a Johnson and Johnson product that consists of cross linked collagen, which is a natural protein that makes up much of the connective tissue of the body. The advantages of this product seem to be many, but the […]

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