Do you have excessive armpit sweat, regardless of if you’re exercising or sitting still? Sweating is a normal bodily function and is how your body cools itself down, but it shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence. If your underarms are constantly soaked through or you’re embarrassed about your armpit odor, we have a solution for you.

At Montecito Plastic Surgery, we can effectively put a stop to your sweaty, smelly armpits with a treatment called miraDry.

What is miraDry?

The miraDry treatment is a minimally-invasive way to eliminate unwanted underarm sweat. By using thermal energy, Dr. Lowenstein can destroy your sweat and odor glands without damaging any of your surrounding tissues. Through a handheld applicator, Dr. Lowenstein uses microwaves to penetrate your skin and destroy the glands from beneath your underarms—significantly reducing or eliminating your sweating.

This treatment is offered at our Santa Barbara practice to both men and women who are tired of sweating through their shirts. If you are embarrassed about armpit odor or self-conscious about your excessive sweating, you may be a likely candidate for miraDry.

A consultation with Dr. Lowenstein can help to determine if miraDry is right for you. Not only will you learn more about the treatment, but he can also help to answer your questions and address your individual concerns.

What Happens at Your Appointment?

When you arrive for your miraDry session, you will be welcomed into a private room and asked to lie down on the treatment table. We wish to see our patients as comfortable as possible, so you can expect to receive a local anesthetic prior to receiving treatment.

Once the area is numb, we will use an applicator to transmit thermal energy to your underarms. In just a short one-hour session, your sweat and odor glands will be permanently destroyed from your armpits. Most patients only require one treatment and will notice a significant reduction in underarm sweat immediately following the session. In rare instances, a patient may require a second treatment—which would be scheduled for three months after the first appointment.

Following your miraDry treatment, you can expect some slight discomfort and swelling for the first few days. You may be prescribed some oral medication or be advised to use ice packs to help ease the pain. Most patients return to their normal routine immediately after their miraDry treatment.

If you aren’t seeing results from antiperspirants and are ready to feel confident in your own skin again, consider a miraDry treatment at Montecito Plastic Surgery. To learn more about this treatment or to set up a consultation with Dr. Lowenstein, give us a call today at 805-969-9004.

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