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Helium Plasma is a cutting edge, next generation technology that allows previously unattainable results. The excitation of helium electrons through radiofrequency energy transfer allows for the creation of a “cool” 100-degree plasma beam that can be used on the underside of the skin to provide spectacular skin tightening results. With or without simultaneous liposuction, Renuvion by J-Plasma skin tightening is a game-changer!

Cool Helium Plasma on the underside of the skin helps tighten the skin of the thigh, abdomen, knees, and arms! It provides:

  • Skin tightening
  • Improvement and elimination of “crepe-like” wrinkly skin, even in thin skin areas
  • Improvement in skin elasticity
  • A decrease in skin laxity

How does Cool Helium Plasma work?

Dr. Lowenstein believes that the relatively cool plasma beam creates the proper energy to provide protein coagulation without damage to adjacent structures. What does that mean? When we warm an egg white, we see that as the heat progresses from warm to hot, the white of the egg becomes more firm, turning from liquid to a jelly-like consistency, and then with excess heat, that jelly turns to a solid. The trick with contracting and firming the skin is very similar to the changes in the egg white, where we need to find the optimum temperature to create the firming of the egg (or in this case the skin) proteins. The cooler temperature of the helium plasma stream as compared to other technologies such as laser allows for heating to that “sweet spot” where we see firming without burning- and amazing results!

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FAQs: Plasma Tightening

  • What is Renuvion?

    The word plasma refers to ionized, energized gas- in this case Helium gas. A radio frequency electrode is used to energize a stream of helium creating a stream of plasma that is used to treat the skin.

  • How does Renuvion Cool Helium Skin Resurfacing work?

    The helium plasma stream created by the Renuvion device creates a beam of ionized helium that is extraordinarily precise. Because Helium only has 2 electrons, the excited (ionized) state of this gas occurs at a much lower temperature than other “laser” type treatments. This prevents damage to tissue deeper or adjacent than the treated area, and allows for a full effect to be seen at precisely the desired tissue. The ionization energy from the plasma beam triggers a tightening cascade of the tissue that is not only seen immediately but can actually IMPROVE over time.

  • Why is this treatment called Cool Plasma?

    The Helium plasma stream, while hot, is “only” 100 degrees Fahrenheit, while other treatments, such as lasers, use temperatures of around 300 to 600 degrees. This lower level of heat is part of the reason that this modality is so precise and spectacular for treating the skin. Without risks of over-heating, even thin or “crepey” skin of the neck or other regions can reap the benefits of skin tightening without the risks that come with hotter lasers found at other dermatology and plastic surgery practices.

  • How many Cool Helium Plasma Skin Resurfacing treatments are needed?

    Most patients require a single treatment with multiple “passes” of the Helum Plasma stream. The tightening can actually be appreciated immediately so Dr. Lowenstein can evaluate the degree of improvement in real time as the Renuvion treatment is being performed.

  • What are the effects of the Renuvion treatment?

    No other treatment has the ability to actually tighten skin in the way that Renuvion can. In the neck, the abdomen, the arms, and even the thighs and knees, elasticity is restored and wrinkles are improved or eliminated immediately. Until now there has not been a treatment that Dr. Lowenstein has been comfortable recommending for skin tightening to the degree that Renuvion provides. With this breakthrough technology, Dr. Lowenstein is truly able to provide real skin tightening never before seen with any other device.

  • Who can benefit from Cool Plasma treatments?

    Cool Plasma can be used in men or women of any age that are concerned with loose skin or creepy skin in the neck, abdomen, flanks, back, upper arms, thighs, or knees.

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