The “Mommy Makeover” refers to the combination of a number of surgeries performed with the goal of returning your body back toward its appearance from prior to pregnancy. With pregnancy comes a stretching of the abdominal skin and muscle, creating a diastasis or weakening of the connective tissue between the abdominal muscles. Excess skin and fat can be resected while the diastasis is repaired and abdomen flattened, and this is performed with a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty. With pregnancy comes some weight gain, and while breast feeding is often helpful in aiding in postpartum weight loss, there is often some resilient areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise. These pockets of fat, often in the flanks and thighs can be reduced invasively with liposuction or sometimes are appropriate for treatment with CoolSculpting. Following pregnancy, many mothers find that their breasts enlarge with milk, and if you breast feed, you may find that your breasts deflate and appear more droopy than before pregnancy. Surgical breast rejuvenation is a large part of Dr. Lowenstein’s practice. Because each woman’s body is different before pregnancy and pregnancy can effect a woman’s body in so many ways, an individualized approach to rejuvenation of your body is critical in consideration of a mommy makeover. During your consultation with Dr. Lowenstein, he will discuss your options and suggest a unique plan for the achievement of your aesthetic goals.

FAQs: Mommy Makeover

  • Am I a good candidate for the surgery?

    Good candidates for mommy makeovers have had drooping of their breasts and stretching of their abdomen following childbirth. Various bulging areas of fat may require liposuction or CoolSculpting to maximize your outcome.

  • How long after having my last child do I need to wait before I can have a mommy makeover?

    To be eligible for a mommy makeover you need to have finished breastfeeding for at least two to three months. This will allow your breasts to return to their normal cup size. You also should be back to within 5 to 10 pounds of your ideal body weight because a mommy makeover is not a weight loss procedure. You should also be exercising regularly to make your recovery easier, and your results long lasting.

  • Can I have a mommy makeover if I haven’t had children?

    The moniker “mommy makeover” is simply a term where a tummy tuck, breast lift, and liposuction are combined into a single surgical session. While a mommy makeover does target the effects on the body caused by pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding, most of these changes also occur if a person has gained and then lost a significant amount of weight.

    If you’d like to address a stomach pooch; flattened, saggy breasts; and unwanted pockets of fat all at once, a mommy makeover is a great option whether you’re a mom or not.

  • What should I expect from my consultation?

    At your consultation you will meet with Dr. Lowenstein and his staff. Dr. Lowenstein will listen to your goals and examine your arms. You will learn about the different options for your surgery and expectations for your postoperative outcome. Your breasts will be examined and measurements recorded. If breast implants will be used for your surgery, you will have a comprehensive discussion with Dr. Lowenstein regarding implant types, styles, and sizes. Implant sizers may be used to help demonstrate your postoperative expectations. One of our Center’s patient care coordinators will then review logistical information including schedule options and financial arrangements in a pressure-free atmosphere. Ask your coordinator for a tour of the operating facilities if you would like to see where the surgery is performed. Your entire consultation should take about an hour.

  • What’s the advantage of combining procedures in a mommy makeover?

    A mommy makeover involves various surgeries, and this will require recovery time. But by combining the procedures into a single surgery session, you will only have one recovery period. Yes, the first week will be intense, and you’ll need one to two weeks off from work, but one recovery is far better than three or four!

  • How can I prepare for my mommy makeover?

    As with any surgery, you’ll need to stop taking blood thinning medications and most supplements at least one week before your surgery. If you smoke, you’ll also need to stop for at least two weeks before and after your surgery, as smoking can poorly impact wound healing.

    The real preparation for a mommy makeover comes in preparing for your recovery. You’ll need to get your recovery nest ready and comfortable. You’ll need to fill pain medication prescriptions beforehand. You should have plenty of entertainment ready. You’ll need to have someone help you out around the house for at least two weeks, as you’ll not be able to lift much of anything for a little while. You’ll need help cooking and simply getting around for the first week, due to your tummy tuck incision.

    This is an involved recovery, primarily due to the tummy tuck. So, you need to expect to fully lay low for at least a full week.

  • Do I need to lose weight before having a mommy makeover?

    It’s advisable to be at or near your ideal weight before having this combination of procedures with Dr. Lowenstein. That’s because any additional weight loss will create areas of sagging skin, which is the reason you’re opting to have a mommy makeover in the first place. You really want to lose all of your baby weight before looking to have a mommy makeover.

  • What should I expect the day of surgery?

    Your surgery will take place in our Center’s state of the art AAASF accredited operating facility. You will be instructed to arrive about an hour before surgery begins, and you will meet with our nursing staff, our anesthesia provider, and Dr. Lowenstein prior to surgery. Dr. Lowenstein will place marks on your body to aid in the surgery. All questions will be answered to maximize your comfort and those who will be taking care of you after your surgery. Your care giver will be given specific written instructions and have plenty of time to review them during your procedure. Once in the operating room, an IV will be placed and you will be given medication to help you relax further before falling off to sleep. Depending on the type of surgery performed, your operation may take anywhere between 1-4 hours after which you will be gently awakened and brought to the only private recovery room in Santa Barbara. After a bit of further recovery, your care giver will be brought in to see you, review instructions, and take you home.

  • How long does a mommy makeover take?

    The length of your surgery with Dr. Lowenstein will depend on what surgeries are involved and the extent of each. For instance, a mini tummy tuck will require much less time than a full tuck with two incisions. Breast lifts can vary by the amount of skin and fatty tissue that needs to be removed. Adding augmentation to your lift adds time, as well. Mommy makeovers can take from as little as 3-4 hours all the way up to 6-8 hours. During your consultation, Dr. Lowenstein can give you a good idea of your surgery timeframe once he sees your unique situation.

  • What is the recovery like?

    You will feel tired and sore for a few days following your surgery, but you should up moving around. Periodic walking is a necessity after any aesthetic surgery. Most of your discomfort and/or pain will be well controlled by medications prescribed by Dr. Lowenstein. Additional prescriptions may include antibiotics and special medications to treat nausea in the rare instance that is an issue.

    Your dressings will be changed in the first visit back to our Center on the day after surgery. Showering may be postponed until your drains are removed if they are used. A compression garment will be worn for the first few weeks following your surgery but can easily be hidden under clothing as your recovery proceeds. It is often possible to return to work within 5-10 days, depending on your job and you may begin driving 10-14 days after surgery. Vigorous activities should be restricted for 3 weeks as well as lifting anything over 10 pounds. Exercise that may increase your heart rate above 100 beats per minute should be avoided for 3 weeks. Swelling will progressively improve but should be largely resolved in a month.

  • What can be done about the scar?

    Mommy Makeovers are associated with a variable scars depending on the exact procedures performed, but our state of the art techniques for scar therapy have been effective in minimizing the appearance of scars after Mommy Makeover procedures.

  • What are the potential risks involved with a mommy makeover?

    This combination of surgical procedures involves all of the risks associated with any surgery: excessive bleeding, poor incision healing, infection, reaction to anesthesia, possible formation of blood clots, and the like. Thanks to Dr. Lowenstein’s extensive experience and board certification by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, any surgical risks are minimal.

    The main potential complication is uneven healing of the long incision involved with the tummy tuck. Again, the quality of the incision comes into play here, and Dr. Lowenstein’s expertise ensures the best possible outcome for your mommy makeover.

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