Perhaps you’ve exercised and dieted to no avail. Or perhaps you have undergone a significant weight loss that has left you with extra skin as the fat has disappeared. These problem areas along with deformities in the underlying tissues can be corrected with body contouring surgery. Frequently, even women with exceptional figures experience changes in their bodies associated with pregnancy that result in rounding and protrusion of the abdomen with or without excess skin.
body contouring patient

Dramatic Body Contouring

In Dr. Lowenstein’s Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice, Dramatic Body Contouring refers to the use of one or more operations to help patients who have extra skin following significant weight loss. Procedures such as an abdominoplasty, a lower body lift, arm lifts, and thigh lifts can have dramatic effects. Setting Dr. Lowenstein apart is his careful consideration of providing a safe yet beautiful transformation for these exceptional patients.
Many of these procedures are often confused with each other. In fact, there are very specific indications for each plastic surgery procedure and tailoring an approach for achieving your goals is the best way understand how one or more of these techniques may be right for you. To help you determine which procedure is best-suited for your situation and body type, Dr. Lowenstein will be happy to consult with you to answer your questions and provide detailed information on each procedure. More information can be found regarding each procedure by clicking on the links above. Furthermore, with Dr. Lowenstein’s newest treatments for postoperative scarring utilizing Embrace® Advanced Scar Therapy, patients of Montecito Plastic Surgery have the opportunity to maximize their outcome with scientifically proven technology.

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