Why Choose Montecito Plastic Surgery for Your Breast Surgery

There are many reasons why women seek breast surgery and it is important to locate a skilled plastic surgeon who will produce outstanding results. Dr. Lowenstein prides himself on his very low rate of complications and his very high rate of patient satisfaction. Your care throughout your plastic surgery experience will reflect Dr. Lowenstein’s obsession in creating a positive experience with results that you will be happy with for many years to come.

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Here are 5 common reasons Dr. Lowenstein performs breast implant surgery:

Information on Dr. Lowenstein’s Low Complication Rate

Dr. Lowenstein Discuses Breast Surgery

What can I expect from Dr. Lowenstein?

  • Dr. Lowenstein will strive to understand your goals

    Dr. Lowenstein will listen carefully to your wishes and will prioritize his efforts in a safe, naturally-appealing manner. He will discuss with you the best way to proceed to achieve your desired look.

  • Dr. Lowenstein will thoughtfully examine your pre-operative size and shape

    Similar to a fingerprint, your body is a unique form that is both special and specific to you. Every procedure performed by Dr. Lowenstein is also individualized to each patient. During a preoperative visit, he will record several measurements including your breast size, shape, and anatomic features and will create a surgical plan that will maximize your postoperative breast form.

  • Dr. Lowenstein will discuss your options

    Patient education is the cornerstone of the preoperative visit with Dr. Lowenstein and he will provide you with a thorough understanding of your options. Discussions will involve different procedures, incision placement, postoperative expectations, and if used, types of breast implants. With the dimensions of your breasts and chest wall, he will provide an educational discussion regarding the best breast enhancement for you.

  • Dr. Lowenstein will help plan the best breast surgery for your body

    Part of the educational process is to allow you to estimate your postoperative form using breast implant sizers placed in an appropriate brassiere. Following a detailed discussion, Dr. Lowenstein and his staff will assist you in choosing a breast implant of the correct size and shape. This aids Dr. Lowenstein in understanding of your postoperative expectations and goals and assists in the operative planning.

  • Dr. Lowenstein will pay meticulous attention to detail in the operating room

    Every breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast enhancement of any kind performed by Dr. Lowenstein is done so with the utmost care and consideration for detail and nuance. Although performed frequently, every operation is treated with the single-minded obsession with detail that it deserves and utilizes customized maneuvers in order to provide you with your best outcome following your plastic surgery.

  • Dr. Lowenstein will ensure careful postoperative management

    Your surgery may be over on the day of your operation, but your plastic surgery care will continue with the same concern and attentiveness you’ve received from the beginning. Dr. Lowenstein likes to see you in the day or two following your operation, and additionally over the coming weeks, months, and years in order to optimize the longevity of an outstanding result. For patients undergoing a breast surgery who wish to maximize their scars, Dr. Lowenstein’s newest treatments for postoperative scarring utilizes Embrace Advanced Scar Therapy. Patients of Montecito Plastic Surgery have the opportunity to maximize their outcome with scientifically proven technology. For more information about optimal scars after surgery, click here. To see breast surgery and other procedures animated, click here Click here for more information on breast surgery Click here to view examples of breast surgery patients who have undergone their plastic surgery with Dr. Adam Lowenstein in Santa Barbara, conveniently located just a short distance away from Santa Maria, Bakersfield, Ventura, and Thousand Oaks.

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