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At Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara, Dr. Adam Lowenstein has created one of the pre-eminent plastic surgery facilities in Southern California. Dr. Lowenstein focuses on superb aesthetic surgery of your face, body, and breast while emphasizing pre-operative education, intra-operative technique, and post-operative comfort. Central to these concepts is his treatment of you as a unique individual, streamlining his advice to address your specific needs and concerns.

Dr. Lowenstein is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, a key medical credential indicating his extensive training. His experienced staff and AAASF certified private surgery center in Santa Barbara are second to none in providing you some of the finest operative plastic surgery care in the world. Alternatively, our thriving non-invasive practice provides cutting edge technologies to maximize the aesthetic outcome in patients who prefer to avoid surgery for health, financial, or logistical reasons.


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Dear Dr. Lowenstein, We do not remember days, we remember moments. Just another recognition of your awesome work. Thank you for helping me so much. It’s been more than fun!

- J.

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Dr. Lowenstein prides himself in his dedication to outstanding patient care… You should expect your consultation with Dr. Lowenstein to be comfortable, informative, and respectful. The operative experience will follow through with these ideals, and the team approach of his office and operative staff will allow you to be confident that you are getting only the highest level of care…

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Many men and women experience areas of fat that are simply resistant to diet and exercise. Despite your best efforts, you have likely found that certain areas of fat on your body are simply resistant to change. This is where CoolSculpting does its best. CoolSculpting treatment is fast, convenient, and effective in reducing the fat in these trouble spots without surgery or down time.

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Skin Resurfacing


Cool Helium Plasma is a cutting edge, next generation technology that allows previously unattainable results. Truly a game changer, the Cool Helium Plasma Beam can be used on the outer skin to reverse the signs of aging, or on the underside of the skin to provide substantial skin tightening in areas of the neck, arms, and abdomen. These areas can be rejuvenated in a minimally invasive procedure, with hardly any discomfort or recovery necessary.

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Migraine Surgery

Eighteen percent of women and six percent of men suffer from migraine headaches, making this potentially debilitating condition more common than asthma and diabetes combined. Patients often complain of nausea, visual disturbances, and incapacitating pain than can last for several days. The impact of these headaches on patients’ social, family, and work lives can be devastating.

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Dr. Lowenstein uses MyTouchMD to provide each patient with a premium educational experience- every topic covered, every question answered.

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