Clear + Brilliant logoClear + Brilliant is a cutting edge laser that provides a smart and simple answer to aging skin, unveiling a radiant glow without the need for severe or expensive treatments. The technology behind Clear + Brilliant uses a safe fractional laser to treat and prevent the progression of aging for both male and female patients. It is the perfect for patients with concerns about aging skin such as brown spots, fine lines, and large pores. Patients who have Clear + Brilliant laser treatment can enjoy a smoother, softer texture to their skin, as well as a more uniform and glowing tone to their face. Many patients report using less makeup after their Clear + Brilliant treatments, because their skin is naturally radiant without the cover-up! Some patients refer to Clear + Brilliant as a laser facial, since it helps clarify the skin and promotes production of collagen for more radiant, healthy looking skin.  Others actually call Clear + Brilliant “laser crack” as a marginally inappropriate reference to the fact that patients love it so much, they can’t get enough of it.  Either way, we are certain that you will love the way Clear + Brilliant makes you look and feel about your complexion!

FAQs: Clear + Brilliant

  • Safety in a non-invasive treatment that treats the signs of aging Minimal Down Time that can be performed in as little as 20 minutes Visible improvements providing softer skin and a glowing radiance. A treatment that completes and compliments other modes of rejuvenation by improving the skin after Ultherapy, injectables, fillers, or other procedures.

  • How does Clear + Brilliant work?

    Clear + Brilliant is a gentle laser that creates millions of small treatment zones in the skin. This allows for the rejuvenate properties of the healthiest part of the skin to replace damaged the damaged outer skin surface with healthier tissue. The Clear + Brilliant treatment revitalizes skin and provides for a radiance previously achieved with only more invasive procedures.

  • Is Clear + Brilliant FDA Cleared?

    The Clear + Brilliant laser is based on fractional technology developed and used for many year. Clear + Brilliant has been available and FDA cleared since 2011.

  • How many Clear + Brilliant treatments are needed?

    Some patients report seeing results in as little as one treatment, but most patients choose to repeat treatments 4 to 6 times for an undeniable and significant improvement. Many patients choose to have routine, regularly scheduled treatments as part of their overall skin program.

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    Soft skin with glowing tone is the goal and expectation after treatment with Clear + Brilliant. variable pigmentation can be smoothed out, and an improvement in pore size can also be effected.

  • Am I A Candidate?

    Clear + Brilliant is particularly special in that candidates for treatment are both men and women of any age with any type of skin. Both light skinned and dark skinned patients should find glowing results with this laser skin treatment.

  • What Results Can I Expect After Treatment?

    After a treatment with the Clear + Brilliant laser, you can expect improvements that are both immediate and ongoing. Your skin will begin to feel softer and appear brighter in the days following a treatment. Depending on the type and amount of damage that your skin has, results can last months or more. You will want to maintain your skin’s new appearance with sunscreen and ongoing skin care, though many women find that they can significantly reduce the use of makeup after Clear + Brilliant treatments.

  • Do other treatments interfere with Clear + Brilliant?

    Our Clear + Brilliant laser therapy is actually complementary to many other therapies that treat the deeper tissue such as Ultherapy, fillers, and botulinum toxin for wrinkle reduction.

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