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This year I am INCREDIBLY grateful for my new, beautiful breasts!!! Yay Dr. L!!!!!! THANK YOU and THANK YOUR STAFF!!!! Love you all!!MA

There are many reasons why women seek breast surgery and it is important to locate a skilled plastic surgeon who will produce outstanding results. Dr. Lowenstein prides himself on his very low rate of complications and his very high rate of patient satisfaction. Your care throughout your plastic surgery experience will reflect Dr. Lowenstein’s obsession in creating a positive experience with results that you will be happy with for many years to come.

Dr. Lowenstein offers several options in breast surgery:

Here are 5 common reasons Dr. Lowenstein performs breast implant surgery:

1.“I can’t find flattering clothes that fit me.” This is a frequent complaint of our patients here in beautiful sunny Santa Barbara. Bathing suits are fun to wear, but do tend to accentuate specific aspects of the body. Wearing many of these clothes with a smaller chest can be an attractive look; one that many men and women prefer. Some women, however, feel that breast implant surgery allows them to find this type of clothing that also fits the rest of their body – this is a good reason to consider surgery.

2.“I would like my body to be more proportional.” Many women find that their body type and their breast size don’t correspond well to each other. This is the same reason that some women get breast reductions and this is an excellent reason for that operation as well. A proportioned look is very aesthetically pleasing, both when nude and clothed. That being said, everyone has her own “ideal”, and Dr. Lowenstein’s goal is to achieve your “ideal proportion”. Breast implant surgery can help you to achieve a beautifully proportional look, and this is what Dr. Lowenstein likes to achieve here in Santa Barbara.

3.“My breasts have gotten smaller as I’ve aged.” Often during pregnancy, a woman’s breast will enlarge with growth of the milk producing glands required for breast-feeding. Subsequently, some women experience a shrinking of the breast tissue, and wish to achieve the appearance they had before or during pregnancy. This again is an excellent reason to have breast implant surgery. Dr. Lowenstein sees a lot of Santa Barbara mothers who very much enjoy returning to their pre-atrophy look.

4.”My breasts are sagging.” This is called “ptosis”, or drooping of the breast, and also may follow pregnancy as an unwanted change. A breast lift alone may correct this problem, but sometimes an implant may be required as well to achieve the look that the patients wish to have. A mastopexy (breast lift) can be performed at the same time as a breast augmentation, and gives a great, youthful appearance to the breast form.

5.“My breasts are different sizes.” Breast asymmetry is a natural and completely normal finding. Some degree of natural asymmetry should be expected as part of life, but if there is a significant difference in appearance between the two breasts, breast implant surgery can help to give the patient a better appearance. In these situations, a different sized breast implant can be utilized on each side to achieve a natural, symmetric look. No two breasts will ever be exactly the same size with or without surgery, but with today’s surgical options, improvement can be made to the point that it is difficult to see any difference in the size or shape from one breast to the other.

Dr. Lowenstein Discuses Breast Surgery

What can I expect from Dr. Lowenstein?

Dr. Lowenstein will strive to understand your goals
Dr. Lowenstein will thoughtfully examine your pre-operative size and shape
Dr. Lowenstein will discuss your options
Dr. Lowenstein will help plan the best breast surgery for your body
Dr. Lowenstein will pay meticulous attention to detail in the operating room
Dr. Lowenstein will ensure careful postoperative management

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