Eyelid Surgery, or blepharoplasty, can rejuvenate the area above and below your eyes. Excess skin in these areas, called dermatochalasis, can result in “bags” below your eyes, or “hooding” of your upper eyelid over your eyelashes. The fat that is naturally found underneath both the upper and lower eyelid can become more apparent with age and can also contribute to the appearance of an old or tired look. Upper and lower blepharoplasty involves well-hidden incisions to provide access to the fatty deposits so they can be removed or replaced to their natural position. Different appearances may require different manipulations, and skin laxity in these areas can also be addressed to varying degrees depending on your particular situation.
The goals of your eyelid surgery in Santa Barbara are to provide a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance to the area of your face that is most engaging with respect to personal interaction. Particular attention must be paid to the natural anatomy and preoperative condition of your eyelid anatomy to prevent an “operated” look. Tightening of the eyelid structures enables a restoration of an attractive almond shape, while careful attention to surgical detail can prevent a “hollowed” appearance. The incisions associated with blepharoplasty can allow access to your cheek, brow, and midface such that ancillary procedures may be simultaneously performed. Dr. Lowenstein will offer insight to possible surgical manipulations which may benefit your facial form, though your wishes are placed first and foremost in the decision making process. You will never be pressured to have unwanted surgeries at Montecito Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara.

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