The cost of CoolSculpting can sometimes be confusing because the treatment can consist of as few as two treatments for those patients wishing for just a reduction of their love handles or stomach, to as many as eight or more treatments for patients who are looking for fat reduction in multiple areas of the body. Our patients get preferred pricing because of our status as a Coolsculpting Certified Practice and one of the busiest CoolSculpting Centers in California. Patients come from Santa Barbara, Bakersfield, Santa Maria, and Los Angeles for our CoolSculpting expertise and preferred pricing. CoolSculpting is sold in packages, with progressive discounts provided for purchasing multiple “sculpts”. Each area treated by an applicator is considered a “sculpt”.  The choice of applicator used is dictated by the size and shape of the fat bulge to be treated.

Because there are two sides to the body, treatment of some areas requires two sculpts… one for each side. Sometimes, when more fat is present, Dr. Lowenstein may suggest “stacking sculpts” which involves multiple sculpts placed in close proximity to provide a greater improvement than would be expected with one sculpt alone. This is often the case in our “Aggressive Treatment Protocol”. The pricing of CoolSculpting can be found below, with some examples for costs for different areas of the body:

  • 2 sculpt package – $750/sculpt = $1500 for 2 sculpts
  • 4 sculpt package – $699/sculpt = $2796 for 4 sculpts
  • 6 sculpt package – $650/sculpt = $3900 for 6 sculpts
  • 8 or more sculpt package – $599/sculpt = $4792 for 8 sculpts


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