The Next Generation of Skin Care from Dr. Zein Obagi, MD

Solutions that Create Healthy Skin For over three decades, Dr. Zein Obagi defined the concept of skin health and developed skincare treatments and programs that can create truly healthy skin. Now with the introduction of ZO® Medical products, Dr. Obagi’s next generation of therapeutic skincare products and treatments are exclusively available through skin health professionals. Advanced Skin Health Solutions Under the guidance of Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health, Inc. has developed a wide spectrum of therapeutic treatment protocols for everyone regardless of skin condition, age, gender, or ethnicity. Based on the latest advances in skin therapy technology – biotechnology complexes, plant stem cell components, and multi-therapy delivery systems – these products and programs have been optimized for your specific needs.


Skin Brightener & Correcting Crème Non-Hydroquinone Bioengineered to target all three stages of skin discoloration through a patented, bio-vectored, microsphere delivery system. It is formulated to even skin color and tone, and recommended asa first course in treating hyperpigmentation. Synergistic Retinol Formulation A blend of potent retinol (1.0%), inhibitors and antioxidants are released to rapidly brighten and even skin tone quality. Additionally, thiscomprehensive multi-action formulation minimizes skin redness caused by environmental factors and helps maintain an even and restored skin tone. BRIGHTENEX™ Multi-Action System
  • Vitamin A and ascorbic acid-2 glucoside for even skin tone
  • Bio-active levels of vitamins E and C,and stachys officinalis antioxidants
  • Multistage glutathione, soy isoflavones, and N-acetyl glucosamine melanin inhibitor system
  • Retinol (1.0%) microencapsulation in anoleosome delivery system


Active Vitamin A Micro Emulsion Utilizing an innovative micro emulsion technology, this potent retinol (1.0%), blended with plant stem cell antioxidants and biomimetic proteins, helps reverse the signs of aging and aids in theprevention of future damage. Stimulating Collagen Formationand Skin Barrier Function RETAMAX™ aids in skin rejuvenation by triggering the natural formation of collagen and encouraging the restoration of the skin barrier function by up-regulating the production of hyaluronic acid,the skin’s most vital natural hydrating factor. Antioxidant Response This biocellular antioxidant system servesto block free-radical damage, helps protectvulnerable cellular DNA, and addresses the root cause initiators of future skin aging. Optimizing inflammation management and anti-glycation irritation, RETAMAX™ helps ensure maintenanceof the new, healthy skin state by defendingagainst inflammatory-initiated skin damage. RETAMAX™ Micro Emulsion System
  • High-potency vitamin A stimulates the skin’s natural rebuilding process
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action with vitamins C and E, and buddleja plant stem cells
  • Biomimetic protein activation for skin regeneration
  • Micro emulsion technology supports rapiddelivery of key ingredients


Skin Bleaching & Correcting Crème Hydroquinone USP, 4% A highly effective Rx solution to lighten hyperpigmentation with 4% hydroquinone. Recommended following use of BRIGHTENEX™. This formulation alters the essential subcellular metabolic processes that cause cell damage.It inhibits melanin production to even skincolor and tone.
  • 4% hydroquinone acts as a gradualbleaching agent
  • Reduces the appearance of chloasma,melasma, freckles, and sun damage
  • Vitamin E helps repair damaged skin cells
Prescription Only


Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin Dual-action cleanser exfoliates and cleansesskin targeting excess oil. Removes oil and other impurities to clean the skin and help clear acne.
  • Reduces the factors that contributeto skin inflammation
  • Helps decrease the level of bacteriaon skin surface
  • Promotes exfoliation


Skin Lightener & Blending Crème Hydroquinone USP, 4% A 4% hydroquinone bleaching cream penetratesthe skin and effectively delivers the active ingredients of the system to the melanocytes. It alters theessential subcellular metabolic processes thatcause cell damage and inhibit melanin production.
  • 4% hydroquinone acts as a gradualbleaching agent
  • Reduces the appearance of chloasma,melasma, and freckles
  • Optimizes delivery of active ingredients
Prescription Only


Cleanser for Normal to Dry Skin Its advanced surfactant gently removesimpurities and oil, and prepares the skin to receive therapeutic treatments. This unique formulation gently cleans and conditions the skin.
  • Highly advanced surfactant matrixremoves impurities
  • Peptide and collagen-boosting complexhelps firm the skin
  • Moisturizing complex nourishesand calms the skin


Exfoliation Accelerator An innovative exfoliation accelerator engineeredto help reduce inflammation and prevent future damage. Active ingredients enhance mitosis and help correct skin discoloration.
  • Potent glycolic and lactic acid complexprovides skin surface renewal
  • Anti-inflammatory properties help minimizethe appearance of irritated skin
  • Proven antioxidants help prevent futureskin damage


Calming Toner pH Balancer This unique toner optimizes the penetrationof therapeutic treatments by removing impurities and balancing the pH of weak skin. It invigorates dry, sensitive and irritated skin with itsproprietary technology.
  • Unique combination of solvents, astringents,and exfoliants thoroughly clears and cleanses the skin
  • Exclusive blend of conditioners, moisturizers,and hydrators soothes treated skin
  • Gentle cooling action adds comfortto reduce irritation


Oil Control Pads An invigorating acne medication to treat and prevent outbreaks.Its proven exfoliants effectively remove dead skin cells. Thesepads also contain an emollient complex to help soothe skin and reduce redness.
  • 2% salicylic acid for a maximum-strength acne medication
  • Mandelic acid helps resurface skin for a smoother appearance
  • Triclosan provides additional antibacterial benefits

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