• The youthful face and the nasolabial crease

    The nasolabial folds, sometimes called the nasolabial crease, is a highly misunderstood region of the face that gets a lot of attention in facial cosmetic surgery. Since the increased popularity of soft tissue fillers exploded with the aesthetic enhancement of the lips, many practitioners have taken to injecting the areas of the nasolabial folds in […]


    Recently, our entire Santa Barbara community was affected by the Jesusita fire, from Goleta to Montecito. Personally, my wife and I hosted evacuees from the foothills, and my wife additionally volunteered at the call center to help provide information regarding the Jesusita Fire. Only by the outstanding work of the firefighters was the home of […]

  • Botox Safety

    The other day I was riding my bike through the beautiful Carpentaria country side, and met a fellow rider with whom I began to chat. We discussed bikes (of course), and then ventured into a discussion of plastic surgery in Santa Barbara. She asked some excellent questions about facial anatomy and the changes that come […]

  • New Soft Tissue Injectable Filler in Santa Barbara

    In about 2 weeks I’m going to attend a course which will allow me to use a new soft tissue filler made by Johnson and Johnson- it is a cross-linked collagen product for moderate to deep wrinkles and folds and is supposed to last AT LEAST 6 months. Only a plastic surgeon who has attended […]

  • Plastic Surgery in Santa Barbara- what’s in a name?

    Plastic surgery in Santa Barbara- what’s in a name? The term plastic surgeon is getting more confusing to understand, every day. Cosmetic surgery, cosmetic medicine, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, facial plastic surgery- many patients, and unfortunately some physicians, are using these terms interchangeably. This is largely because any physician with a medical license can call […]

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