• Thinking of a Facelift? Here’s What You Can Realistically Expect!

    Facial aging isn’t something that every person experiences without a little grief. A few lines and wrinkles may, in fact, show that we’ve lived and laughed and loved. Beyond that, the changes in facial contour may cause us immense frustration. We often hear patients say that they feel they don’t look like themselves anymore, and […]

  • The Time for a Facelift May be Now. Here’s How You Can Tell!

    As much as we appreciate the ability to turn to nonsurgical modalities to correct the signs of aging, we also recognize the value of a well-performed facelift. Because a facelift is a surgical procedure, and because we’ve seen high-profile evidence of what can go wrong if this surgery is not done well, most people who […]

  • The Facelift Isn’t What It Used to Be

    The idea of managing the signs of aging is wonderful. That is until those expensive creams and serums aren’t getting the results we believed they would. At some point, it may be necessary to consider a facelift, and many people don’t like the idea of it. The primary reason why is that, historically, facelifts have […]

  • Surgical Lift and J-Plasty: The Ultimate Anti-Aging Solution

    The art of reversing time is one that experienced plastic surgeons like Dr. Lowenstein at Montecito Plastic Surgery have mastered. With a wide range of tools and techniques at their disposal, these experts can reduce signs of aging and create a smoother, refreshed appearance to the face and other areas of the body. Dr. Lowenstein […]

  • Next Generation Skin Tightening is Here in Santa Barbara

    As a plastic surgeon, you would think I only had one job… but that is not the case. In addition to seeing patients and performing surgery, a field like plastic surgery is ever evolving and changing. One of the most important aspects of what I do is keeping abreast of the latest techniques and technologies. […]

  • Now offering the CoolMini CoolSculpting treatment!

    Check out the new way to treat the double chin and other small areas of fat…. The CoolMini applicator is here! This small applicator is ideal for use in the “Double Chin” area, but can also be used in the upper breast near the armpit where a little fatty tissue often bothers patients when they […]

  • Dr. Lowenstein discusses scars in aspen trees and plastic surgery

    While hiking in the back country, Dr. Lowenstein discusses scarring as it can be found on aspen trees as well as skin. By utilizing meticulous technique and plastic surgery principles, Dr. Lowenstein minimizes the appearance of incisions and scars in our Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice.

  • Fat Injections, Cheek Lifts, and Timeless Beauty in Santa Barbara

    A quick discussion about the cheek lift… Many plastic surgeons, instead of a cheek lift, will do fat injections, cheek implants, or temporary injection of fillers. Some patients who have had these operations can very often be seen as having fullness in regions of the face that are not quite normal. We recognize that something […]

  • The ASAPS Aesthetic Symposium in Las Vegas

    Sitting in the United Club waiting 3 hours for my flight to Santa Barbara…. at least I have time to reflect on a fantastic facial plastic surgery meeting in Las Vegas, as well as the donations I made at the craps tables last night. I came out well ahead if you count the time spent […]

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