Published March 13, 2017 By Adam Lowenstein

So many patients come to the office wanting a “proportionate” outcome, and one of the things I’ve learned over the past 17 years of practice (has it been that long?!?!) is that proportionate means something different to each patient.  When a breast augmentation patient here in Santa Barbara tells me that they are looking for a proportionate outcome, I always ask them to try on some implant sizers to give me an idea of what they are looking for.  In doing so, I have seen patients with similar body frames pick completely different sized implants giving completely different sized breasts.
breast implants

The saying that “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” is no more true than in breast augmentation.  During the consultation, I see my role as a plastic surgeon as an advisor in helping my breast implant patients express their wishes and communicate their breast augmentation goals.  Understanding what breast enhancement outcome a patient is looking for is a critical step in the plastic surgery process.  As our record of getting patients the look that they are wishing for approaches 100%, we must be doing something right!



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