Published May 10, 2018 By Adam Lowenstein

The next level of body contouring via liposuction has arrived, and it is available at Montecito Plastic Surgery. VASER ultrasonic liposuction offers precision sculpting not achieved with traditional liposuction techniques, creating a smoother, slimmer body profile that accentuates your natural curves. Whether you are looking to restore your six-pack abs, say goodbye to “bat wings” on the arms, or produce the coveted thigh gap, VASERlipo might be the right treatment choice for you.

Safe Technology

VASER uses ultrasonic energy consisting of high-frequency sound waves to break down fat cells, allowing for gentler, more complete removal of fat in the treatment area. Ultrasound has been safely and extensively used in the medical realm for decades, primarily to visualize the growing baby inside the mother’s womb. It is also used to provide physicians with an image of organs like the heart and has more recently been used in the cosmetic realm as a safe and effective form of skin tightening. The extended safety record means you can head into your VASER treatment with confidence that your risks are relatively low and your potential for superior results are excellent.

Versatile Procedure

VASER is not only safe, but it is also highly versatile, with the ability to treat a wide range of areas to help you achieve all your desired cosmetic results. In addition to slimming larger areas of the body like the abdomen and back, this procedure can also work to sculpt the following:

  • Hips and flanks
  • Inner and outer thighs
  • Buttocks
  • Calves and behind the knees
  • Upper arms
  • Breasts (in male patients)
  • Neck and chin

Dr. Lowenstein will evaluate your situation to determine whether VASER liposuction is the most likely to produce the results you want. This treatment is an excellent option for patients looking for precision sculpting with less discomfort and downtime than traditional surgical methods.

Less Invasive, More Productive

Traditional liposuction procedures involve small incisions that allow for the insertion of a narrow tube called a cannula. The cannula is moved about by the provider to loosen fat cells before they are suctioned out of the body. The manual nature of the process relies entirely on the skill and experience of the surgeon, as well as other factors like the amount of fat to be removed, the density of the tissue and the condition of the skin in the treatment area. Damage to surrounding skin and tissue, and a lack of precise consistency with the procedure are two of the potential risks associated with traditional liposuction.

There are also liposuction devices that utilize laser energy to melt and liquefy fat cells for easier removal from the body. The laser heats the cells to destroy them. While this can make for a gentler removal process, the heat generated can cause damage to other tissue and skin. This potential for complication is particularly a concern with providers that might not be as experienced with the device.

VASER liposuction offers a gentler procedure with less trauma to surrounding tissue than other liposuction techniques tend to provide. The vibration used to loosen fat cells during VASER is much less harmful to the surrounding tissue than a manual movement of the cannula or heat used with other devices. However, don’t let the nature of the process fool you into thinking that because VASER is more comfortable and requires less downtime, it is also less effective. This advanced technology features the ability to eliminate even more fat cells in the treatment area, without collateral tissue damage. In addition, the precision of the treatment allows for even better sculpting, resulting in a naturally leaner appearance.

Rapid Healing

Because of its less invasive nature, the recovery process associated with VASER liposuction also tends to be shorter and more comfortable. Recovery from traditional liposuction can take up to a week for some patients, depending on the number of areas addressed and the amount of fat removed. There can be a significant amount of bruising and swelling associated with standard liposuction methods as well.

VASER liposuction patients are frequently able to return to their regular daily activities within a matter of days. While there can be some swelling and soreness after this treatment, it is typically much less than you might experience with other liposuction techniques. Most patients can manage the post-treatment discomfort sufficiently with over-the-counter medication, which will likely only be needed for a day or two. The ability to perform this treatment under local anesthesia in most cases also reduces risks and recovery time.

The Skin Tightening Advantage

Combine liposuction with our state of the art skin tightening treatment for a truly stunning transformation. Dr. Lowenstein not only offers the most advanced techniques in liposuction, but he also provides a revolutionary skin-tightening procedure when appropriate to enhance your contouring results even more. Renuvion technology, also known as J-Plasma skin tightening, is an innovative method that constricts and firms skin from the inside out. This device delivers cool helium plasma to the underside of the dermis to produce tightening not possible with other types of skin treatments. Because a cannula is used to deliver the helium plasma, the procedure can be completed at the same time as VASER liposuction, even using the same incisions to minimize scarring afterward.

If you are looking for superior body contouring options, Dr. Lowenstein and the staff at Montecito Plastic Surgery have the right choices for you. Give us a call today at 805-969-9004 to schedule your consultation and learn more about the VASER liposuction process.

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