• Molly Sims talks about her CoolSculpting

    http://www.vanityfair.com/style/2015/10/talking-coolsculpting-with-molly-sims See this excellent article in Vanity Fair about Molly Sims and her decision to use CoolSculpting. She discusses her life, her decisions, and her great results! Call us at 805-969-9004 to get more information about CoolSculpting and see if this fantastic slimming technology is right for you!

  • Is it time for a Santa Barbara Mommy Makeover?

    A mommy makeover is a very vague term that can mean lots of things, and can be performed on women who have had children or not. Usually, mommy makeover corresponds to a combination of breast enhancement and body contouring…. but there are many ways to do both. In my Santa Barbara plastic surgery practice, we […]

  • What a very nice note from one of my CoolSculpting patients in Santa Barbara….

    “As a woman, we all know those “hard to get rid of areas on our bodies, that even with dieting, and exercise they just won’t go away.” Well that’s why I decided to try this new procedure called “CoolSculpting”, with Dr. Adam Lowenstein. I had my lower stomach, and “love handles” done on each side. […]

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